I finally did it!

I’ve been trying to talk myself into swimming again for what seems like months now. Last night, I was feeling pretty committed after a disappointing run and all my tri talk this week. So I prepared, and I completely contribute my success to my planning. I packed my gym back, set it right next to my bag with my swimsuit out. I set up my work clothes in the bathroom. Had my lunch packed and ready to go. Of course I stayed up to late, but I was still getting almost 7 hours. I had no excuses. I set my alarms and called it a night.

I’m so thankful I got up with my alarms this morning- props to the husband. If he hadn’t already been up, I might not have gotten out of bed. But I did, and I’m so glad. I washed the sleep out of my eyes, chugged some water, and ate a banana on the way to the gym. I feel like I wasn’t even fully awake until I was in the water.

side note- I always feel so awkward putting on a swim cap. Will it ever get better?!

I swam 1000 yards in about 30 minutes. I love to break up the time when swimming!
200 yard warm up, with 2 sets of 25 yards with only left breathing. (I prefer to breath right- I always have to warm up my ability to breath on both sides! After this warm up, I was breathing on both sides the rest of my workout)
25 yards legs, 75 yards freestyle
25 yards arms, 75 yards freestyle
100 yards freestyle
25 yard sprint, 25 yards freestyle
25 yard sprint, 25 yards freestyle
25 yards arms, 25 yards freestyle
25 yards legs , 25 yards freestyle
200 yards without stopping, touching the wall or ground (awkward little turns in the water)
50 yard free style
50 yard backstroke cool down

I did the bit without touching to see what it would feel like in open water. It was easy, but I wasn’t going fast. I would have loved to stay in the water longer, but I guess I would need to wake up earlier to make time! I will definitely be back in the pool soon. I had a great workout, and it’s nice to go into evening knowing that I’ve already checked my workout off my todo list. I’m also feeling better and better about this potential tri. Does it mean I’m going to sign up?! No. I’m going to see if I can keep up with this for another week or so- then ill decide if I want to invest in the gear. So… To be continued!

It’s finally Thursday. I few fun pics from today-

I saw a fortune cookie in the break room today. Before 9am. So I ate it. What does this mean?! Practice what you preach??

I made a bit of a mess at lunch. Seriously, my strawberries were delicious, but they had some bad spots. Don’t judge.

Like I said yesterday, this week has been dragging by!! But we’re getting closer and closer to beach time this weekend. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!! Speaking of which… I need to pack.

how long do you swim when you work out?<30 minutes didn’t feel like enough…
have a great day!!


I actually woke up with my alarm today!

2 days in a row with no exercise- not even a walk- was really getting to me. So when my alarm went off at 5:45 this morning, I obeyed! It took longer to get out if the house than expected, and we actually didn’t get to the gym until almost 6:30. I figured I had about 30 minutes, so I headed straight for the treadmill.


Mile 1: 8:35
Mile 2: 7:59
Mile 3: 8:20

I walked for a few minutes between each mile. I simply can not handle running on the treadmill anymore, so these mental breaks were needed. With a cool-down, my total was 3.5 miles in 33 minutes.

Not bad for before an exhausting day work!

It’s time for dinner prep (burrito bowls) and laundry.

And then what?


Only time will tell!

Happy hump day!

Week of sick days/attempted work outs!

Monday: SICK

Tuesday: SICK

Wednesday: SICK

Thursday: Attempt at recovery. My husband and I played frisbee in the park for about 30 minutes, and went for a ~3 mile walk. 60 crunches/ 50 push-ups/ 30 squats/ 30 lunges/ 20 dips

Friday: Back to the YMCA! 1 mile on the treadmill (8:30)/ 25 minutes on the spin bike.

Saturday: No exercise. We drove from Atlanta- Savannah and co-hosted a wedding shower. But, we had a blast!

Sunday: More frisbee + 2 mile walk.

After a sick week, I am SO EXCITED to get back out there this week. I’m starting small with my goals, but I’ve gotta get motivated. My goal for this week is to run out side (at least twice), and go to the YMCA (at least once).

Let’s get motivated!

Week in Workouts

Monday: Rest day. Always.
Tuesday: 15 minutes on spin bike (3 miles)
3 x 10 Squats/ 3 x 10 lunges/ 2 x 15, 6 x 10 Push-ups/ 2 x 25, 2 x 15, 2 x 10 Crunches/ 3 x 10 Dips
1 mile on treadmill: 8:15 pace
Wednesday: Rest. I think I did some crunches and push ups but can’t remember!
Thursday: Bike x 20 minutes (4.5 miles), elliptical x 10 min, 1 mile on treadmill: 8:20. 4 x 20 crunches/ 4 x 15 push-ups/ 3 x 10 dips
Friday: I somehow let a friend talk me into going to the gym even though I thought I was getting sick. Spin bike x 20 minutes (3.5 miles), elliptical x 30 minutes, serious conversation in parking lot x 20 minutes.
Saturday: Sick day. We did walk about 3 miles, but I got right back in my PJs after.
Sunday: Sick day take two.

Totals: Bike x 11 miles/ Run x 2 miles/ elliptical x 40 min/ 180 crunches/ 150 pushups/ 60 dips/ 30 squats/ 30 lunges

Too sleepy and gross feeling. I didn’t get in any extra miles this week, but bumped up my time on the bike and felt much stronger.

Quick Y workout


15 minutes on spin bike (3 miles)
3 x 10 Squats/ 3 x 10 lunges/ 2 x 15, 6 x 10 Push-ups/ 2 x 25, 2 x 15, 2 x 10 Crunches/ 3 x 10 Dips
1 mile on treadmill: 8:15 pace

And we’re off to try a new trivia spot in the neighborhood!!

What’s your favorite trivia team name?

Week in Workouts

Monday: Almost always a rest day; weekends are exhausting.

Tuesday: SNOW DAY! Long walk. 5 x 20 crunches/ 5 x 10 push-ups

Wednesday: Snow day take 2- another long walk!

Thursday: Long snow walk and living room workout. 5 x 20 crunches/ 6 x 10 push-ups/ 3 x 10 squats/ 3 x 10 lunges/ 2 x 10 dips

Friday: 5k with Brandon over patches of ice. No concept of pace, my Garmin battery was dead. (it had gone unused for SO long!)

Saturday: 3 miler in the neighborhood. 25: with splits 8:45, 8:34, 7:54.

Sunday: 3 mile walk on the beltline. It was in the 60s- a beautiful, sunny day. It’s so hard to believe snow crippled this city 5 days ago! 6 x 10 and 2 x 20 push-ups / 3 x 10 dips/ 2 x 10 squats/ 2 x 10 lunges. Way more upper body that I usually do, I will probably feel this tomorrow! 20 push-ups in a row! Twice?! I’m getting stronger, and it feels good!!

Weekly totals: 6 miles/ 200 crunches/ 210 pushups/ 50
dips/ 50 squats/ 50 lunges. Hopefully, next week we will be a little more consistent with running and FINALLY start increasing our milage again! I’m a little disappointed in my weekly total… It sounds more like 1 tough day in the gym. Oh well, it can only get better!

Some moments last forever, but some flare out with love, love, love

This week, our priorities were around our family. We stated the week in the worst way; in the hospital with family. Wednesday and Thursday we prepared to host my parents for Thursday night, which was wonderful. They stayed overnight to be closer to the airport so that we could all leave for Detroit together early Friday morning. And this weekend we celebrated, and mourned, the untimely loss of one of our most precious and cherished family members. We spend the weekend laughing, crying, dancing and singing. It was so real and so hard, but I seriously love my family and I am so grateful that so many of us could be together for this occasion. But on a less serious note, Michigan was SO. COLD. Being a Georgia girl, I had never seen anything like it. It was in the single digits and snowing most of the weekend. The snow was fun and idyllic from INSIDE, but miserable outside. My family lives in a rural area ~2 hour from Detroit, so we had to drive to catch our flight this morning. It took almost 4 hours due to horrible road conditions. Cars in the ditch, slipping and sliding… it was an adventure at best.

So thankful to be home.