A few more thoughts about biking + hump day and a rainy run

It’s strange to say, but my silly bike ride yesterday felt almost…. Serendipitous. so many things happened that made it feel like the universe was telling me to do the tri, or at least take up biking.

#1- I was actually motivated to go the gym. I was excited all day about biking.
#2- When I pulled into my apartment from work, my neighbor was unloading a new bike from his car. I asked him about his new wheels, and he commented on hoping to get rid of his “spare tire”.
#3- I actually felt strong on the bike. This seems like a silly thing to be surprised about, but I’ve rides 15 miles only once before!
#4- As I was leaving the gym, the girl at the desk commented on shirt (from a half marathon). She said “cool shirt. It would be better if it was a tri, and said something about swimming”. WHAT?! This girl can see my thoughts.
#5- When I got home, our neighbor (with his new bike) was rising around in circles, looking as happy as he could be, with some other kids from the apartment.

What’s this trying to tell me!!?? Buy a bike? Ride outside? Do the triathlon?! Anyway, it felt like too many weird coincidences in a short period of time… Stars aligned!

Im other news, I have seriously been a day behind all week. It’s Wednesday? I was so off at work today too. I need to get focused!! It’s only a 5 day week, and I have a rewarding beach getaway planned to recharge this weekend!!

Exciting afternoon- I headed straight from work to the grocery store.

Only the essentials!

The husband called when I was heading home from the grocery store, and asked if we could run when he got home. Um, yes! Always! But then he called back moments later- storm coming your way, hurry up and run alone if you want to. OKAY! I snapped into action and was out the door less than 5 minutes later (if only I was always so easy to motivate!!).

But alas, my run was cut short by the weather. I didn’t even make it down the stairs before it was sprinkling, and within a mile it was unbearable. I might have pushed on, but I was worried about lighting. I headed home, and finished 1.66 miles.

Tired, but disappointed it wasn’t longer.

I sat outside for a minute under a tree to cool off. Of course Charlemagne was not amused by this.

Shortly after I came in side it started pouring and I got a alert for a severe thunderstorm warning… So it’s a good thing I cut it short, but still disappointing. It’s been raining steadily ever since!

What’s for dinner?


Top left- kale waiting to be steamed. Top right- water that forgot to boil itself for spaghetti noodles. Bottom left- marinara, waiting for everything else to be ready. Bottom right- grit tofu, in progress.

I typically pride myself on efficiency in the kitchen, achieve by order of operations. But man, tonight wasn’t one of those nights. I did everything out of wack and a simple dinner tool much longer than it should. Not to mention.. Huge mess!! Like I said… I’m just off today!!

Bedtime- it’s another day tomorrow. Closer to Friday. And, since its real if I tell the Internet, I’ll be headed to the gym to swim in the morning!! Wish me luck!

swim, bike, or run?! Pick your poison!

do you like to run in the rain?


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