Tri on Tuesday

I’ve been “tri”ing to see if I could succeed in training for a sprint triathlon this week.

Yesterday I ran 3 miles (pain free!) in the neighborhood with my husband. Or, almost ran the whole thing with my husband. He stopped around 2 miles to rescues a turtle. I love that man! Anyway, I was pain free but started to get a bit of glut discomfort when sprinting the final downhill. I’ll continue to take it easy, and increase my distance/speed careful, but I think I’m in the clear. My splits were 8:45 (hmm, I’m feeling okay, maybe ill speed up), 8:35 (still feeling good!! Lets cruise!) and 8:18. Yes! Maybe I’ll be ready for the peachtree after all.

Today I decided to hit the stationary bike at the gym.


I may have not mentioned this before, but I don’t actually even own a bike. I used to (it got stolen from under our patio! But it wasn’t locked up. Or worth the insurance deductible…), and I actually used to bike to/from PT school everyday when we lived in savannah. But it’s been a while (with the exception of some cruising with my parents this weekend!) and I feel like in a tri, biking would definitely be my week sport.

Today I did exactly 15 miles in 50 minutes. I have no idea what is good, or what to expect for racing. I put forth a moderate effort, my legs felt like jello afterwards, and it was awesome to get so much cardio in!! I’m hoping to squeeze in some core/arm work later.

I guess I’m due for a swim for my next workout!

Happy Tuesday!

do you bike for exercise?

have you done a tri? What’s your week sport?


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