week in workouts + might as well tri

We ended up going to my parents this weekend! Recap coming later today.

Monday: 2ish miles slow run with walking break + 2 mile walk
Tuesday: Long walk + frisbee
Wednesday: 2.3 miles- 8:30 pace
Thursday Short neighborhood walk + 30 crunches, 30 push-ups, 30 squats
Friday: rest
Saturday: leisurely ~5 mile bike ride with my parents
Sunday: Rest

I started the week out strong, ambitious to recover from my injury scare last week. But traveling this weekend messed up my plans! I was pretty motivated to wake up and run at my parents Saturday morning, but then we ended up lounging around with coffee and deciding to ride bikes. Priorities- sometimes family time is just more important.

Saturday night we got to chatting, and SOMEHOW spring triathlons came up. I have really wanted to do one for years, and I think this might be the summer. My parents and husband want to do a relay (my dad swims, mom bikes, and Brandon runs), and then meanwhile, I could do the whole thing! We’ll have to see if we can find a weekend that works for everybody. But just in case- I need some advice about what to wear!! And… I should probably get in the pool.

Happy Monday! Let’s have a great week!!


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