“Habit” forming behavior

You guys, it’s been more than21 days!!

For 23 days, to be exact, I’ve been living clutter free, and keeping my apartment clean and organized! I have no been perfect in my plan, but being perfect was never a part of the plan. I first talked about my new cleaning schedule in this priorities post.

What’s the significance of 21 days?!

It takes 21 days to make a habit! That’s what “they” say, right?! Anyway, and least I hope so. It sure does feel like a habit, and it feels so good!!

You want to be clean and organized too?!
(Wait, am I seriously giving advice about this?! I have changed!!) in fact, I’m not even sure I should be bragging about this. Is it an accomplishment, or just a transition into becoming a real adult. Either way, it feels great, and I want to share how I got here.

start with a list
Start by knowing what you want to get accomplished. What are tasks that you need performed weekly? Daily? Monthly? It’s critical to identify what is important to you. My priorities are having a clean bathroom and kitchen, so that’s the bulk of my daily list.

get organized
What supplies do you need to complete your weekly tasks? My “most used” supplies are old cloth rags and clorox green works spray cleaner. I don’t love using harsh chemicals and would LOVE to simplify my cleaner! Any suggestions? I use a simple old broom a vacuum a lot, too, but those are nothing special. You know you’re an adult when you want a new vacuum. I also love my Bona mop. Figure out what works for you. I don’t use paper towels or single use wipes, but something simple may help you get into a routine. Get your supplies organized before you start!

get started
Now! Do it today! Don’t wait until tomorrow! If you have written a list, and have your supplies, what are you waiting for? Just don’t overdo it- you’ll be back for more tomorrow!

don’t get discouraged
You are going to have days when you don’t sweep the floor. Weeks when you don’t scrub the tub. Unless Martha Stewart is going to soak in that tub, or eat off your floor, nobody is going to notice. Your best bet? Don’t let it get you down. Don’t try to make up for lost time, or you might just get overwhelmed. Enjoy your night off! Get back in your routine tomorrow!

stick to it
It’s satisfying! It’s worth it! Keep it up!

celebrate (and show off!) your progress
Have a party! Host your friends and family! Or just share you glory with complete strangers! We haven’t gotten around to hosting yet, but are hoping to soon.

This is where we are right now. I am keeping the apartment clean and organized, but I am not sticking to my list. I want to reflect and make it more attainable. So- for the next 21 days (is it weird to be so excited about this? I never thought I would get to this point…) here is my list!!

weekly schedule
daily: Wipe down bathroom, wipe down kitchen surfaces and sweep kitchen floor.
Monday: Nothing else!
Tuesday: Declutter and wipe surfaces, 1 load laundry
Wednesday: sweep all rooms
Thursday: declutter/surfaces, 1 load laundry
Friday/Saturday: Declutter whole house and clean all surfaces (kitchen), clean toilet/tub, sweep and mop all floors.
Sunday Laundry x 2, finish weekend tasks, projects.

I’ve moved to less sweeping during the week (more attainable) and bigger tasks back to the weekend. Wish me luck!!

how long do you think it takes to make a habit?

have you been doing any spring cleaning?


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