Midweek update + running in the heat

Problem. When you work constantly, you think Thursday is midweek. I worked 6 days last week, only had Sunday off, and I’ve been back at it all week. Can’t wait for the weekend! We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with most of our mothers.

It’s been warm this week in hotlanta. Time to get acclimatized to the heat! I also had a momentary panic on Tuesday when I heard of first “code orange” air quality alert of the season. I have asthma, and have been really bothered by Atlanta summers in the past- but so far so good this year. Yay pollution.

Anyway- it’s been warm. I’ve (luckily?) been trying to ease myself back into running after my injury scare last week. Brandon and I ran on Monday, but I started to feel discomfort (I refuse to call it pain…) around 1 mile. We walked for a few minutes, and he convinced me to to cut the run short. I did run 1 more mile (pain free!) before calling it a day. Wednesday I wanted to squeeze in a run before book club, but Brandon was working late. He texted me “go easy on yourself” so I only ran 2ish miles again. This time, however, I was totally pain free!! I picked up the pace in the final mile or so, and ran 2.3 miles at an 8:30 pace. I’m seriously craving a hard workout right now, but I know I’ll thank myself later if I take it easy right now. Both runs were 87 degrees. I seriously need a new running tank. Favorites?

Nothing else exciting is going on this week. I have been working on cleaning out my dresser… One drawer at a time.
I tackled one over the weekend, and another drawer tonight.

This is obviously a drawer of running clothes. Why must I hoard shirts from every race I do?!



And after:


Progress, guys. An updated post about staying clean and organized is coming tomorrow!

do you have any Mother’s Day plans?

any strategies to beat the heat?


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