Last week in workouts + weekend

We’ve been staying busy around here, obviously! There wasn’t much to report as far as workouts- see below for disappointments. We did however, have a nice weekend.



Braves game Sunday, and a chance to catch up with old friends.

We also had a fun Cinco de Mayo yesterday.


Charlemagne hanging out with an old “pin the mustache on the man” bridal shower prop. My sister was the worlds best maid of honor and hosted my cinco de mayo shower 2 years ago! We enjoyed tacos and margaritas this year after a hot run.

Speaking of Charlemagne, she has been enjoying some supervised time in the sun on the deck since its been warmer.

And- last weeks workouts. I’m only a little behind!

Monday: Morning yoga, evening 10 x 10 crunches, 10 x 10 push-ups, 10 x 10 squats
Tuesday: self directed yoga focused on abs and hips (oops) + neighborhood walk
Wednesday: This is where things fell apart. I had right sided glut/piriformis pain from steps into my run. I ran about 1.5 miles until Brandon convinced me to stop. I literally laid down on the grown, he attempted to help me stretch out, but no dice- the pain returned with any attempted running. Long walk home in disappointment.
Thursday total rest, worked with a PT coworker mainly on trigger point release, symmetry and stabilization of my pelvis. Pain free with walking!
Friday: 2 mile walk in the neighborhood.
Saturday/Sunday: rest/short walks. Trying to be 100%.

I’m trying to ease back into in slowly this week. spoiler alert:I’m running and it’s pain free. I might be overdoing it on the time off after 1 painful run, but this pain is familiar, and I don’t want to repeat last summers injuries!! Goals to help with injury reduction- don’t overdo the yoga, don’t run 2 days in a row, and DO walk and swim. I have a run planned for tomorrow.

do you enjoy a sunny run and/or margarita for cinco de mayo yesterday?


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