Monday list update

Cleaned the whole apartment last friday morning- BOOM! I felt really productive. It took me longer than expected! 15 mins to get organized and declutter, 15 min in the kitchen, 15 min to dusk/clean mirrors/surfaces/bathroom, 15 min to sweep, 10 to mop and 10 to vacuum. So almost an hour and a half (with a apple + peanut butter break while I waited for the floors to dry!!) total. Hey, at least I did it, and it took way less time than the week before. I think it’ll get quicker as I do it more often! I felt really good going into the weekend clean and organized.
It feels so good to be living day to day with less clutter. I’m not keeping up 100% with my daily chores; I think I was too ambitious to imagine I would do any deep cleaning during the work week. I have been really consistent about minimizing clutter, cleaning/sweeping the kitchen and wiping down the bathroom almost daily. Otherwise, I might have to be fine with keeping the big stuff on the weekends (like I did Friday!)

You guys know I have even working hard on getting comfortable in our small apartment. Part of this project has included a lot of list writing. I thought you might enjoy keeping up with what I’m working on, in list form! I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Living room:
-Clean out game chest/coffee table
-Upgrade TV table to hide wires
-Organize/ minimize book shelves
-Organize/ declutter closet
Organize hall closet, make shelf for beer supplies
– clean out planters
– organize patio

-Re-organize cabinets
-Minimize things on countertops
-Clean out top shelves
-Top of fridge

-No storage in open space
-Create “landing strip” elsewhere in house (in a closet?) for goodwill stuff
-Spraypaint bed frame white?
-Declutter closets
-Clean out dresser
-Organize/minimize book shelf
-Wash curtains (whole house)

Guest bedroom/office:
Clean out filing cabinet
-Organize desk surface
-Under bed?
-Clean out closets
-Minimize old paper/notebook storage under desk/in closets
-Create usable storage in “green monster” (the nickname of our huge green armoire)
-Consider flip flopping bedrooms

I think I’ll try to update this list monthly. Hey, that’ll at least make me get something done once a month!! For now, getting in a routine with cleaning actually seems to be taking away from the time I have for projects, but I’ll get there.

Happy Monday!

did you take on any projects last weekend?


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