Summer running + weekend wrap up

Welcome to “summer” in Georgia. It’s getting hot out there. It is hard to get used to the sunny running. I can’t imagine running almost degrees warmer than this… But I guess we’ll get there soon. I try to stay comfortable in the hot GA summers by running at dawn, wearing sunglasses, light colored tanks, and carrying a water bottle. We’ve gotta train for the peachtree somehow!

How could you not want to run outside when this is the view from the living room?!

I ran outside in the hot sun 3 times this week, twice in the middle of the day! Friday (on my day off!) I enjoyed a midday run, but remember the benefits of shade.

The cat was jealous and wanted to join.

Friday I wanted to attempt track work,
But I kept it simple since my legs weren’t really ready, and I ran Thursday. I had a VERY strategic plan for my track workout- but then I got to the track and it was LOCKED. I hadn’t been the track at the local college in almost a year, and apparently they set up a key pad/membership system. It’s $100/year, and I’m not sure if I want to invest in that. We’ll see! Either way, I was really feeling a hard workout and ran some hill repeats instead for a total of 3.5 miles.

Today, Brandon and I headed out in the middle of the day again. Mistake, it was even warmer today. Brandon actually sad in the middle of our run, “we’re waking up early next week, I don’t know what we were thinking”. We enjoyed a destination run (my favorite!) to the Inman park festival. It was hard! We took walking water breaks every mile for 4 miles total.

Rehydrating with beer.

We enjoyed a beautiful festival afternoon.

We walked at least another 2 miles around and then back to his car, which we (coincidentally!) left close by on Friday night. It was a great Sunday. We came home in time to watch a afternoon thunderstorm on the porch, and then had a game night with friends.

Friends, including a pup.

I haven’t done a workout wrap up a while- but I think now is a great time to bring it back!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: Morning yoga for legs, and core
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: neighborhood 3 miler
Friday: 3.5 miles with hill repeats
Saturday: morning self led living room yoga
Sunday: 4 mile run

I’m so happy to be back out there running, and the yoga feels really good too. I’m hoping to do a little more swimming/strengthening/cross training. Here’s to next week!!


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