Friday fun

You guys, something amazing happened.

I’m off work today.

I have been working way too hard and too often. But “thanks” to a new policy, I’m going to have a few more days off within the next 10 weeks. My employer is forcing us to use 6 days of PTO by the end of June. There are a lot of cons to this (since we don’t get sick leave, holidays, or maternity leave, saving up our PTO is the only way to be sure we get paid), but there is at least one pro- I am at home today. I’m planning to work on my todo list, but also get some serious relaxing done. I already slept until after 9!!

Hair update! I donated 9 inches this week.

I love it. It’s so easy, and it makes me feel light and free to not have hair all over my back!! It’s going to take some adjusting to remember how to style short hair, but the most important thing is that it can go from shower to completely dry in five minutes. My old hair would take at least 20! That’s something to celebrate.

In other news, Brandon passed his certification tests (more on that later), and his moms recovery from her knee replacement is going slowly but well. We have had a busy, but satisfying week.

My outdoor runs have been few and far between, but I went for a great run yesterday afternoon.

It was HOT- 77 when I finished, but I kept my pace around 820 for 3ish miles. I’m hoping to squeeze in another run today.

Wish me luck with the todo list, and happy Friday!!


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