What’s new with you?

So, how was Easter weekend?

Ours turned out really well. Brandon had family visiting from Chicago. They (his uncle, aunt, and 7 year old cousin) stayed with his mother, who lives about 45 minutes away from us. we did spend a lot of our weekend in the car, but it was totally worth it to get to spend so much time with family. It was a rainy, not so springy weekend- until yesterday!! Sunday was beautiful and sunny, we spent all day lounging in the park. The Perfect Sunday, if you ask me.

Brandon and I were also able to squeeze a run in yesterday before heading up to hang out with family. We ran about 3.5 miles around the neighborhood. We have been slowing down a little bit since we haven’t been as consistent, but it felt nice to get out there.

I spent a lot of last week focused on my new cleaning task list. I would have to say it was mostly a success.

Here was what I planned to do:

weekly schedule
daily: Wipe down bathroom, wipe down kitchen surfaces and sweep kitchen floor.
Monday: Nothing else!
Tuesday: Sweep all rooms, 1 load laundry
Wednesday: Clean toilets/tub, declutter and dust whole house
Thursday: Sweep bathroom, 1 load laundry
Friday/Saturday: Declutter whole house and clean all surfaces (kitchen), sweep and mop all floors.
Sunday Laundry x 2, finish weekend tasks, projects.

I was really successful until Wednesday. I managed to do my “daily” tasks and minimize clutter (everyday!) but ended up hiking stone mountain and then heading to dinner with friends Wednesday, so I didn’t get home until late. Thursday I managed to get back on track, but I did not go back and do Wednesdays tasks. I did nothing on Friday, but I think that’s a-ok with me. Saturday we went into a whirlwind, since the daly wanted o stop by and see the place, so we certainly got it all done for the weekend. I’ve already done all my Monday tasks, and more.

the verdict? I’m going to try to keep it up. The reality is, there will be a lot more days like last Wednesday, and we probably won’t work so hard cleaning every weekend. I have to remind myself that the point is to be less stressed about cleaning- I can’t let it hamper my fun with hanging out with friends that the tub isn’t getting clean. There’s always tomorrow 🙂

Its a busy week again in our house. My husband has his certification test tomorrow. I’m cautiously optimistic. May he will notice all the cleaning Ive been doing when he is done, and maybe he will even want to join in on the schedule! My mother in law is having her knee replaced Wednesday. I’m just going to try to stay afloat!!

See you on the other side!


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