Aerolatte Milk Frother

I made a spontaneous purchase Fridaynight, and as a result, we had so much fun with coffee this weekend!!

I love lattes. I first began my love affair with coffee in college, in Athens, at Jittery Joes. They opened a new location near my dorm freshman year, and during construction they have out coupons for free drinks. By the time it opened, I had enough free drink coupons to last me for weeks. So I enjoyed a “mocha” most days until my coupons ran out, and then I realized my favorite drink cost almost $4- very out of my budget. I ordered black coffee with a pump of chocolate, and added milk. It wasn’t the same, and I soon stopped going. But the coffee days had begun, and I started drinking coffee in the dining hall- with a little skim milk.

Fast forward to PT school. I lived off of coffee. Those days I took it with a little soy milk, or sometime just black. I loved it iced- black or with soy. But I was over the fancy drinks, and couldn’t afford them, anyway.

But now, in real life, I have developed a love for lattes. Something about the steamed milk… (I like soy the best. One place locally does almond, but it just tastes funny to me.) And the flavor of the espresso… Yum. I try to avoid splurging too often, but it’s one of my favorite treats. At home, I stick to plain coffee with a splash of almond milk. That does the trick most mornings!

Enter, my new favorite kitchen gadget, Aerolatte Milk Frother.


side note: before you judge me for getting the pink version, it was all they had. My husband says I bought the “sex and the city” version.


The instructions were pretty basic. Fill a mug 1/3 with milk (I used unsweetened almond- it’s what we had in the fridge). I microwaved the milk 30 seconds. Place whisk in bottom of mug. Turn on, move frother slowly around. Slowly raise frother and move around under the top of the foam for 15-20 seconds.


It surprised me how much the milk expanded. I didn’t do a very good job keeping the whisk under the top of the foam, and maybe that’s why mine got a little bubbly.

For my first cup, I spooned the foam onto the top of my coffee. For my second, I poured my coffee slowly into the foamed milk.


Honestly, I was very impressed by how well the milk frothed. I can’t believe how easy it was, literally less than 20 seconds. I rinsed the frother after (and it would be easy to run in some soapy water to wash), so it required no extra cleanup or dishes. The foam added a huge fun component to my coffee, but did NOT last long.

I think that practice makes perfect, and I plan to master the perfect latte with my new frother.

Next up- latte art.

How do you take your coffee?

Have you ever tried to replicate your favorite version at home?


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