Living in your space

I want to know a little about you.

Do you come home after a stressful day at work and think, “Okay, let’s do this. Laundry, housework, cook, clean the kitchen!”. Are you so organized that your house stays clean at all times, with simple efforts daily? Do you hire help, or are you superwoman? Do you fold laundry without skipping a beat, and clean your bathroom more than weekly?


Do you feel easily overwhelmed by daily chores? Do you come home thinking, “How am I going to have time for what I want to do? When can I relax, or exercise? I have to do the laundry, cook, AND clean tonight!”. Is your house always a mess, and just getting messier, because the projects are getting out of hand? Do you need help? Does laundry pile up, unfolded, and does your bathroom need a deep cleaning?

Now think about this. If you could make one major change in your home, to help you feel more organized, what would it be?


I want to know how everybody else takes care of chores at home, stays organized, and still feels like they have time to have a life. I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately. I tend to fall into the “easily overwhelmed” category, and I have been working to change it. I have been focusing on the one major change I want to make, and it is pretty “simple”.

I want to have less stuff. At this point, having more space is not an option, so it has to be less stuff. We live in a cozy tiny 2 bedroom apartment. We are lucky to have a lot of closet space, but it is overflowing. Pending donations, old wedding decorations, a guitar amp, and beer making supplies sit in the corners of our bedrooms. I called this post “living” in your space- as opposed to simply occupying it. Our current apartment is a home/office/storage unit. I want it to feel like home, some office, and storage in the closets only. I want our space to feel CLEAN, and it will never feel clean to me with junk laying around.

So where to begin!? I have been trying to tackle this gradually, without overdoing it. Because, remember, this kind of responsibility, cleaning, housework, etc. is pretty overwhelming to me. I have been taking it one room at a time. Last month, I cleaned out the bathroom (and by extension, part of the hall closet. I threw away BAGS of old, unwanted, or expired cosmetics accumulating (and junking up!) the shelves. Last week I attacked the desk/office space. I feel good about progress, but still have a long way to go. I considered setting weekly goals, but I’m afraid they’ll overwhelm me, and I’ll only be disappointed if I can’t accomplish them. I’m just being honest here.

I’m going to start small this weekend, and work on my dresser. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll move to the areas surrounding my dresser (goodwill drop off zones!). I have high hopes of getting to the closets SOON, but I don’t expect to get there this weekend. I plan to organize, but mostly, ELIMINATE. I’ll donate what I can, and what I can’t donate I’ll either repurpose (into rags) or trash. Wish me luck, and look forward to seeing lots of pictures of JUNK going into the TRASH!!

Are you organized, or easily overwhelmed by the thought?

Join me! What will you organize this weekend?


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