Throwback Thursday- Race Recap

Let’s take it back. WAY BACK. This afternoon we talked more about my journey to running (check out part 1 and part 2). So, now, it’s time for a OLD SCHOOL recap of my FIRST EVER half marathon.

I tend to make big decisions over the Christmas holiday. Free time? Bored at home? Itching for a new start? Who knows. For some reason, I decided I wanted to run the Nashville County Music Half Marathon in April of 2008 after seeing the race advertised in Runners World. By some stroke of luck, my boyfriend (now husband!) agreed to train with me. We weren’t in great shape, and I had never run over 3.5 miles, so it was time to get to work. I googled “half marathon training”, discovered Hal Higdon, and was in business.

I’ll always remember the first time we ran 5 miles. It was probably 30 degrees, and we ran from Brandon’s apartment in Athens 2.5 miles down Millege to 5 points, and back. His apartment had no heat, and we froze after. But it felt SO GOOD- I felt like I had done something most people couldn’t do, and it felt like such an accomplishment.

We trained hard, and well. (One of the benefits of running in college; you’re often free for a 10 mile run at 2 PM) As each week went on, we added another mile to our long runs. We ran at the intramural fields, around campus, at the State Botanical Gardens- we were spoiled and loving it. We had beautiful trails to train on, and we were quickly both in the best shape of our lives.

Disposable camera days.

Disposable camera days.

Nashville was not an easy race. It was pouring when we got to the starting line 2 hours before the race began. We were amateurs, and were unprepared for the weather. I felt ridiculous when we were standing there soaking wet, and everybody else was wearing a trash bag. We trained on trails, and running on asphalt gave me an aching back (and feet!) for days. Brandon really had to push me through- he really hung back to keep me going. I finished in 2:08, and boy did it feel good.

Old School race recaps


Throwback diary entries?

I have years of this stuff.


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday- Race Recap

  1. Great throwback! Hey we were all Newb runners are one point, all we can do is look back and laugh. Either way it was a huge accomplishment. Love the picture caption “disposable camera days.” I think I still have some laying around the house that I never developed lol.

  2. Haha, thanks!! We really wanted pics to capture our race day but didn’t want to risk checking my real camera, I’m so glad we took a disposable. These days, if I want pics, I’m just running with my phone!!

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