LET’S RUN! Part 2

If you missed Part 1, catch up here!!

After running my first 5k with dad, I signed up for a local race in Athens only a few weeks later.

My next race was on campus. I have no recollection of training, or even running again before it. Racing in Athens was MUCH harder than the run with my dad. I was not only alone, but I was getting beat my 100s of my peers. After this race, I got more motivated to run most days. I started with a 2 mile loop, and one rainy day I stretched my loop for 3 miles and never looked back. My loop around campus was hilly, and I loved it. Eventually, I mixed it up and found another loop. Running just kept getting better.

I quickly realized that Athens was a small town, and to place in my age group all I had to do was run races NOT on campus, but just outside of town. I sometimes ran over 2 races a month, but always 5ks. I would run for 30 minutes every day, and race in 26ish. But then, junior year, I got this boyfriend.

Boys take up a lot of time. Somehow, I started sleeping in and going out to dinner instead of running. I spent a few weeks, and then months out of my routine, and felt lost. I couldn’t figure out how to get back. Then, Christmas night 2007, I was reading a copy of Runner’s World. I always felt it somewhat hard to relate to this magazine- why (and HOW) do these people run more than 3 miles!? I stumbled upon the race ad’s in the back. And SOMEHOW, for SOME REASON, I decided I wanted to run the Nashville County Music Half Marathon (recap coming soon!) in April of 2008. By some stroke of luck, my boyfriend agreed to train with me. We found a plan online, and stuck to it. I’ve never trained harder, and I felt so accomplished after the race.

After Nashville, we headed back to Athens where we graduated from college less than a month later. 12 days later, I had moved into my new apartment in Savannah and began Physical Therapy school. Life got in the way that summer. When I did head out for a run, I realized how spoiled I was by Athens. It was hot in Savannah, I missed my training partner, and couldn’t find a good spot to run.

I was full of excuses (and honestly really busy) in Savannah. I ran 5ks, and even a 10k bridge run, but no big races. Then my roommate, who at the time didn’t consider herself a runner, signed up for a half marathon. Several of my other classmates trained. I got a little jealous, but didn’t put in the time. I actually signed up for the half, but had to downgrade to the 5k. I finished 3rd in my age group, but it was not 13.1 miles. That was the last straw.

I ran more half-marathons. A lot more half-marathons. (I have now done 9!)

And just like that, it was time for my next race!! 8 weeks later I ran the ING Atlanta Half Marathon (now called the Publix).

Back in Savannah, I managed to keep running after this race. Casually, and only when I had time, but I kept moving. My next year consisted of a few 5ks. I moved to Atlanta for clinical rotations, and before I knew it spring was rolling around again, and my sister was anxious to run Publix with me.

After PubIix, I knew I was ready to break 2 hrs. And I already had a race in mind. I ran the Savannah Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Nov 2011, and set my PR- 1:57:30. Since then, I have run Savannah and Publix every year. I PRed in Savannah last fall (2013) with a time of 1:54:13. I broke my Publix streak by going to the bachelorette part last weekend, but I’ll be back in Savannah next fall!

My current running goals are to improve my 5k and 10k times, enjoy half marathons, and maybe race some distances in between. (10 miler? 15k?)

Old race recaps coming soon!

And more races to come:

Peachtree Road Race 2014
Savannah Half Marathon 2014


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