Typical Tuesday

No runs to report today. Brandon and I woke up at 545 when the alarm went off, but convinced each other to go back to sleep rather than to the gym.

I thought I would run after work. But instead, I made time to go pick up a bridesmaids dress that has been ready for 2 weeks… It fits perfectly! No photos yet, but I’m so glad to have everything ready to stand with my friend on her special day! On the way home, I made a “quick” stop at whole foods aka whole paycheck. Worth it, as usual. I came home and immediately started on cooking- spaghetti tonight, and black beans for meals for the rest of the week.

And that seriously brings us to now. I’ve done some laundry, but otherwise that’s all I have had time for tonight. I have no idea when I thought I would exercise tonight.

On a positive note, Brandon scooped me some ice cream (vegan chocolate and peanut butter). Do you see something wrong with this picture?


It took me a solid minute to notice the huge serving spoon in my bowl. Brandon got a good laugh.. And I got a bowl of ice cream. Yum!

So better luck with a run tomorrow.
I’m going to relax, and set the alarms for 545 again. Wish me luck, and hopefully this page will be updated with more runs soon!!!


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