Monday Funday

Seriously, I have no idea how I got so much accomplished today.

I had to work at 7 this morning, but I didn’t get off early. I ran some errands on my way home, including buying a calendar. So then I came home and busted that bad boy open. A calendar?! It’s almost April. But it was time to get organized, seriously. I caught the spring cleaning bug, and attacked our office/guest bedroom. The desk space/filing cabinet had gotten so overgrown with loose papers that it was barely usable. Clutter, bills that hasn’t been filed, and a bad system just led to buildup that seemed unmanageable. So I turned on pandora, sat on the bed, and turned that desk into a usable space again.



We even hung my undergrad diploma! I need to get frames for the rest of our diploma collections (we have another bachelors, a masters, and a doctorate between us!), but that’ll come in time. For now, it just feels good to have a space I can use to pay bills without things piling up.

Brandon and I cooked a delicious split pea soup for dinner (with biscuits!) and did a good bit of relaxing on the couch as well.

How did I motivate myself tonight?? The original plan was to do the taxes, but I felt like out documents were unorganized. Now I have gone through ever file, and I have a place where I can work. Taxes will be done by the end of the week.

So my plan for the week is going well- cooking, cleaning.. But not exercising. I want to go to the gym in the morning, but that isn’t happening unless I go to bed soon. Wish me luck!!

do you do your own taxes?

are you a morning runner?


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