Where did the week go?!

Time FLIES when you’re having fun!!

The end of the week flew by. I’m not doing a workout roundup with this- because there is nothing to report! I went for one run last week before heading out of town.

Charlemagne wanted play outside too!

Our road trip started Thursday night.


We spent a beautiful weekend on Anna Maria Island, outside of Tampa, Florida.



Basically, I had a beautiful, relaxing, calm, fun, weekend with friends. I had no idea how much I needed it. I smiled, laughed, and breathed more than I have in weeks. I have begun planning another trip already. There is something so special about the beach, am I right? Basically, photos can tell the rest of the story.

Friday beach view.

View from the house.

View from dinner.

And last but not least…

Saturday beach view.

It doesn’t get much better than this weekend.

I have a lot of ambitions for this week. I want to run, swim, do the taxes, spend time outside, clean the house, and organize my closets. I mean… I did get recharged this weekend!

Did you travel this weekend?

What’s your favorite beach?


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