Run DeCatur 5k 2014

Last Saturday, I ran a 5K.

I was a little excited, and tried to plan/prepare as well as I could with less than 3 weeks notice.

I was coming off of a sinus infection, and also flared up my hamstring less than 1 week before playing around with a kettle ball.

My expectations could only be so high, right?? I set reasonable goals, and completely blew them away!

I PR’ed at the race this weekend. 

I was really nervous before the race. I asked Brandon to drop me off, but on the way to to the race I didn’t want to split up. We parked and walked a little over half a mile to the start. I passed off my warm up clothes to Brandon moments before the race started.

And we were off!

There were SO MANY kids running this race! I spent the first half mile dodging kids, and trying to find my pace mostly uphill. To my surprise, when the crowd thinned out, I was maintaining a 7:45 pace. WAY ahead of schedule; i was planning for an 830ish first mile.

First mile: 8:00. 

I was feeling strong heading into the first mile, and was confident (based on studying the course!) That most of the 2nd mile was on flat ground. I focused on maintaining, and tried to be distracted by 2 older men running behind me, complaining about how time consuming it was to train for a marathon.

Second mile: 8:04. 

The beginning of the 3rd mile was uphill. I struggled, and got passed by a 7 year old boy. He was better than me. He was cruising. I tried to motivate myself by how close the finish was, but it was really hard to maintain at this point. Somehow, I found the downhill, and could see the homestretch.

Third mile: 7:50. 

Down  a hill, across the highschool football field, and done.

Garmin time: 24:25, official time: 24:30


2nd place in my age group

I had so much fun this weekend. I was great to get to soak up the race environment, have a great performance, and WIN SOMETHING. I got a ribbon and a mizuno shirt.

Next race…. TBD


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