Counting life by the Mondays.

Seriously, not a bad Monday over here. I had to work at 7am, and had a lot of crazy things to handle this morning (nurse training, marketing video, etc) totally unrelated to my actually JOB- taking care of patients! But, somehow, I was able to leave around 4 today!!

I made it home early today to celebrate with my husband, who had a great first day if his new job. We couldn’t decide now to spend our first Monday, and started with yoga in the living room. We found a series yesterday, called “30 day yoga challenge“, and we did days 3 and 4 tonight in our home yoga “studio”.

Later, we headed to Mellow Mushroom for dinner + drinks.

Vegan cheese with tempeh and sun dried tomatoes.
It was a great, relaxing night. We’re watching Wayne’s World now, obviously my husbands choice!

Happy St. Patrick’s day! Hope you all found somehow to celebrate this dreary Monday!

What’s your favorite day of the week?
Have you ever tried YouTube yoga?


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