It’s another perfect day

Funny story.

Monday my hamstring was sore all day. I couldn’t remember why, until the husband and I were on our afternoon walk. A flashback hit me from Sunday afternoon. We were hanging out at my brother in laws, and I was playing on his kettle ball. By playing, I mean attempting to balance on the handle, doing single leg squats, and attempting to stand in tree pose. All on my left leg. For about 30 minutes. Enter very sore hamstrings. Uh, oops!!

Tuesday was another beautiful day here!


I got back outside immediately after work. We went for a run, but of course my hamstring was bothering me. It was really painful for the first mile, so I decided I cut it short and only ran about 2.5 miles, 8:30 pace.

I’m getting nervous about the 5k this weekend. I need to keep stretching/icing my hamstring, squeeze in one good more run, and hope for the best. You live and you learn!!

After our run, we enjoyed smoothies on the patio.


We headed to trivia after relaxing outside. It’s easy to save a few bucks at trivia when you fill up on a smoothie first! We also had a $30 gift card from winning a few weeks ago, so that doesn’t hurt either. Anyway, last night was one of our worst trivia showings lately. Best question of the night- what are the 10 personal pronouns used in Shakespeare? Don’t look it up!!

Wait, is it seriously only Wednesday?


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