Monday is sun-day

I can NOT get over the weather today.

It was totally worth the misery of going into work at 7am after daylight savings. I normally work at 9 Mondays, but agreed to go in early to help with a training. I forgot to rest the clock in my car, so it said 5:50 when I left for work this morning- ouch!! I worked a 10 hour day and felt so exhausted, until the moment I walk outside. It was 72 degrees, and I immediately felt rejuvenated!!

The husband and I enjoyed a lovely 2ish mile neighborhood walk, and found a bench where we could relax in the sun. It seems like the sun would be down by then, right?! Wrong!! We walked home, and Brandon cooked dinner while I cleaned up a little…


We enjoyed our first meal of the year on our porch!


Dark yet?? NOPE! I suggested a second walk, because I couldn’t fathom the idea of going inside when it was still so beautiful out. But the worlds best husband suggested froyo instead!


Don’t mind if I do.

Obviously it had to get dark eventually, but we still got to enjoy our treat outside. We are lucky enough to live close to a spot with nondairy froyo, and they had a new flavor tonight. I topped Almond Joy with almonds, coconut, and Oreos. I’ll be back for more!!

Time to relax and watch Catching Fire- yay!!

How did you enjoy the beautiful day?!

What’s your favorite froyo flavor? Have you ever tried a nondairy variety?


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