It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood + workouts

What a beautiful weekend!! I hope every one got to enjoy some sunny weather this weekend.


I have been working and traveling most weekends lately, so it was nice to be able to relax close to home this weekend. The hubby and had a fun Friday night out to dinner + drinks with old friends in Decatur. Is it just me, or are Friday nights hard as a real grown up?! I get so tired! I was ready to go home before midnight. I spent my Saturday in the car to and from Augusta (about 2 hours) to go to a bridal shower. It was wonderful, but a long time in the car!! Luckily, I was able I ride with friends.

We had a relaxing evening at home last night, and I baked some cinnamon rolls to eat this morning.


But, something went terribly wrong!! They just didn’t rise like they were supposed to. I have made this recipe before (from Vegan Brunch) with success, but this time….


Flat rolls. They were great but not fluffy. I obviously killed the yeast somehow, but I’m not sure what I did. Ideas?! Anyway, I still at at least 3 today!

We got to go play in Piedmont Park today to enjoy the beautiful weather. We spent over 2 hours walking on the beltline, playing frisbee, and jogging through crowds of people. We had so much fun, but it certainly wasn’t a unique idea- all of Atlanta was out! I even got a little sun on my face today, I need to get back into my sunscreen routine, pronto.

It was unusual having so many extra daylight hours in the day today!! We enjoyed a patio dinner with my husbands brother and my mother in law for a late celebration of my birthday. Cheers to family time! We finished watching How I Met Your Mother this week, so unless I figure out how to watch it online (no spoilers!!), we’re watching Cosmos tonight. My husband is happy!!

And finally- workouts.

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: Walk in the neighborhood.

Wednesday: 2 mile run- 17:03, 1ish mile walk.

Thursday: Walk in the neighborhood. I had a coworker and my husband do some work on my hip, so I was too sore to attempt a run.

Friday: ~1.5 mile walk + frisbee. I tried running sprints and jogging for a minute while we were at the park without hip pain.

Saturday: 2 mile walk.

Sunday: ~2 mile walk, frisbee- I left my Garmin running while we played! I covered about 1.5 miles during 40 minutes of frisbee. So even though I feel like I’m running around the whole time, I’m really just standing around! It’s still a great core/upper body workout though, not to mention we have a blast. I also ran 2 timed “laps”: 0.6 miles at 7:40 pace, 0.6 miles at 7:59 pace. No hip pain, woo!!

I’m pretty disappointed in my preparation for my 5k this weekend, but I honestly just didn’t have enough time to train to meet my expectations. I’m going to try to run at least twice this week, and break 26 minutes. I wish I could be more ambitions, but I have to be reasonable. This 26 minute goal will still be a significant challenge, but I have to have something to work towards!

Have a great start to the week!!

How did you take advantage of the weather this weekend?

Do you know the secret to fluffy cinnamon rolls?!


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