Thursday thoughts

Apparently, I was ready to run last night. I headed out as soon as I got home from a late night at work, but unfortunately starting having some hip pain in my second mile. When my hubby stopped for a walk break at the 2 mile mark, I decided to be done. I would rather run 2 miles and walk home than run 3 miles and be injured, you know?? Luckily I know a good PT. I’ll did some stretching last night, I might so some foam rolling today, and I’m planning on a night of yoga before I run again.

mile 1: 8:35
mile 2: 8:28

I found the course map online, and I’m considering running it this weekend. If I can keep my pain under control, I would like to do the following runs before race day, only 9 days away!

– track workout with at least 2 8-minute miles
– run the course
– 2 mile road run in under 18 minutes
– hilly 4 mile run

This might be too ambitious, but if I run every other day I think I can make it work! I’m going to re-evaluate my 5k time goals after the weekend. I would like to use this race and my performance to set other spring racing goals- I would like to do 1-2 more 5Ks, and the Peachtree Road Race this summer.

Anyway, in addition to racing, I’ve also got other things on my mind that I’m hoping to blog about soon. I have been thinking a LOT (and reading a book!) about my plastic consumption. I’m currently sitting in my plastic clothes, on a plastic seat, holding my plastic phone. I can’t wait to share more about my thoughts.

Happy Thursday/almost Friday!

What are your race goals for the spring?

Do you have any tips for limiting plastic consumption?


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