Comeback time

I’m officially running a 5k in two weeks. If that kind if deadline won’t get you moving, I don’t know what will! I had been contemplating running this 5k for a few days, when I was literally approached in the hall at work, and asked if I wanted a sponsored number. Yes please!! I’m a physical therapist a local acute care hospital, and they get complimentary entries when they sponsor races. I’ve been asked before, but I’ve never been available the day of the race. This is meant to be!!

So now I have to come up with an attainable goal. I finally charged my Garmin, and ran yesterday like I meant it.


Splits: 8:47, 8.14, 8:02, and the last .22 at 7:28.

I want to run the first mile faster!! My “I know I can do this” goal time is under 26, but my serious, ambitious goal is under 25 minutes. My 5k PR is around 24 minutes, but I might need to look that up to confirm.

I haven’t done my strength workout since Wednesday, but we had a busy night with family Thursday, and I barely had time to squeeze my run yesterday. I’m considering moving it to the morning… But that’s pretty unlikely!

Anyway, we’re warming up for a different kind of workout today. My parents are MOVING! We’re headed down to the house that they’ve lived in for 15 years (since I was in middle school!) to load everything into a truck. It’s going to be an emotional (and exhausting!) day, wish us luck!

How do you set goals for races?

Do you parents still live in your childhood home?


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