Aerolatte Milk Frother

I made a spontaneous purchase Fridaynight, and as a result, we had so much fun with coffee this weekend!!

I love lattes. I first began my love affair with coffee in college, in Athens, at Jittery Joes. They opened a new location near my dorm freshman year, and during construction they have out coupons for free drinks. By the time it opened, I had enough free drink coupons to last me for weeks. So I enjoyed a “mocha” most days until my coupons ran out, and then I realized my favorite drink cost almost $4- very out of my budget. I ordered black coffee with a pump of chocolate, and added milk. It wasn’t the same, and I soon stopped going. But the coffee days had begun, and I started drinking coffee in the dining hall- with a little skim milk.

Fast forward to PT school. I lived off of coffee. Those days I took it with a little soy milk, or sometime just black. I loved it iced- black or with soy. But I was over the fancy drinks, and couldn’t afford them, anyway.

But now, in real life, I have developed a love for lattes. Something about the steamed milk… (I like soy the best. One place locally does almond, but it just tastes funny to me.) And the flavor of the espresso… Yum. I try to avoid splurging too often, but it’s one of my favorite treats. At home, I stick to plain coffee with a splash of almond milk. That does the trick most mornings!

Enter, my new favorite kitchen gadget, Aerolatte Milk Frother.


side note: before you judge me for getting the pink version, it was all they had. My husband says I bought the “sex and the city” version.


The instructions were pretty basic. Fill a mug 1/3 with milk (I used unsweetened almond- it’s what we had in the fridge). I microwaved the milk 30 seconds. Place whisk in bottom of mug. Turn on, move frother slowly around. Slowly raise frother and move around under the top of the foam for 15-20 seconds.


It surprised me how much the milk expanded. I didn’t do a very good job keeping the whisk under the top of the foam, and maybe that’s why mine got a little bubbly.

For my first cup, I spooned the foam onto the top of my coffee. For my second, I poured my coffee slowly into the foamed milk.


Honestly, I was very impressed by how well the milk frothed. I can’t believe how easy it was, literally less than 20 seconds. I rinsed the frother after (and it would be easy to run in some soapy water to wash), so it required no extra cleanup or dishes. The foam added a huge fun component to my coffee, but did NOT last long.

I think that practice makes perfect, and I plan to master the perfect latte with my new frother.

Next up- latte art.

How do you take your coffee?

Have you ever tried to replicate your favorite version at home?


Weekend and workout recap

What a weekend!! We’re wrapping it up feeling exhausted, and sunburned, but it was a great weekend.

We started strong with new coffee adventures. (To be continued tomorrow!)

Brandon and I really wanted it to be nice outside Saturday, despite the weather report.

I was rocking my new, tiny, shirt that I won as a price in the 5k. Run fast, get free stuff!!

So we headed out to the beltline, our favorite weekend running destination. The plan was a 3 miler; Brandon hasn’t been running much lately and was nervous about even a simple 5k. We ended up at the end of the trail, and ran a little way off the trail to adventure around a part of the city we don’t see very often…. And then the bottom dropped out. We were caught in a “coming down in sheets” downpour. Panic set in, we went into “protect-the-Garmin-and-sprint-to-the-nearest-bridge” mode. And seriously, that 1 mile that we sprinted in the pouring ran was the most fun I have had running in years. I ran with my hands out, laughing and screaming. We felt so silly, and hung out under the bridge for another 5ish minutes for the rain to slow before we jogged back to the car on a light drizzle.

Soggy runner.


We enjoyed a leisurely afternoon yesterday, got a little cleaning done, and had a game night with friends- a perfect ending to a stormy Saturday.

Sunday = the opposite.


I started this morning with a 3 mile run on the beltline with a friend. She has a much slower pace than I do- we ran ~10 min miles. I called it cross training, and really enjoyed myself, not to mention it was a beautiful morning. As soon as I got home, Brandon asked if I wanted to go back to the beltline. So after a quick lunch, we grabbed rollerblades and his skateboard and went out for an adventure. We were literally at the park for 4 hours, mostly relaxing with friends, playing frisbee and croquet. I forgot my sunscreen…. huge regret. But otherwise, perfect weather, relaxation, park with fiends… That is my kind of a Sunday.

And to finish the weekend off, Brandon and I celebrate our monthiversary. We were married on June 30, 2012, and enjoyed a perfect honeymoon in Mexico. So on the 30th of every month since, we have had a Mexican date night.

Complete with margaritas.

And on that note… Lets wrap it up with last weeks workouts!

Monday: I can call it a rest day, but really, I was just being lazy.
Tuesday: Again, nothing
Wednesday 3 x 1 mile repeats on treadmill, 6 x 10 crunches, push ups, and squats
Thursday: 2 mile run, 16:00
Friday: 10 x 10 crunches, push ups, and squats
Saturday: 3.5 mile run, 29:06
Sunday: 3 mile run, 1 mile walk, 3 mile rollerblade, frisbee

I’ve been missing our neighborhood walks this week. We have both been so busy with work, but we need to get back out there. I would also love to go for a swim this week. It’s so hard for me to get into a routine of going to the pool. At least I went to the gym early one day this week, so that is a step in the right direction! I’m so excited to be back into push ups etc. Here’s to hoping I keep that up!

Goals for this week: enjoy the weather. Stay outside as much as possible. Don’t get sunburned.

Kick off the weekend

What are you up to this weekend?? We ended the week with a bang. It was a long one, and I’m really looking forward to kicking back this weekend.

Thursday was a LONG, busy day at work. I had a dinner event for work, and knew it would be a late night. Even though I had just over an hour, I decided to squeeze in a quick run between patients and dinner. Unfortunately, when I got outside, I realized I had less that 20ish minutes before I needed to be in the shower, or I would be late. So- quick miles fast. It was hilly, and I hit exactly 2 miles in exactly 16 minutes. I’m SO glad I ran though. It was nice to be outside and it was a huge help to feel like I had some “me” time.

Needless to say, we I finally got home, Brandon and I headed out for a real dinner.


Because Thursday is the new Friday.


Horrible, dark photo, but this was my delicious dinner (and leftover lunch!). Buckwheat pasta with veggies + tofu, and vegan pesto. Yum.

Friday was a short day at work, for once. I left early to head to the dentist. I saueezed in a quick workout before meeting Brandon for happy hour.

10 push ups
10 crunches
10 squats
…. 10 times

That got hard fast!! I’ll try it again tomorrow, hopefully it’ll get easier once I ease back into some simple strengthening.

I rewarded myself for finishing a hard week by enjoying a fancy cocktail with a friend who is a bartender at a local restaurant.

Dinner was home cooked breakfast burritos. My eyes were a little bigger than my stomach, and my tofu scramble ended up on the side. I’m so bad at fitting everything I want into the tortilla!!


My Saturday morning is starting with a very special treat that I’ll be sure to blog about before the weekend is up.

Happy Saturday!

Living in your space

I want to know a little about you.

Do you come home after a stressful day at work and think, “Okay, let’s do this. Laundry, housework, cook, clean the kitchen!”. Are you so organized that your house stays clean at all times, with simple efforts daily? Do you hire help, or are you superwoman? Do you fold laundry without skipping a beat, and clean your bathroom more than weekly?


Do you feel easily overwhelmed by daily chores? Do you come home thinking, “How am I going to have time for what I want to do? When can I relax, or exercise? I have to do the laundry, cook, AND clean tonight!”. Is your house always a mess, and just getting messier, because the projects are getting out of hand? Do you need help? Does laundry pile up, unfolded, and does your bathroom need a deep cleaning?

Now think about this. If you could make one major change in your home, to help you feel more organized, what would it be?


I want to know how everybody else takes care of chores at home, stays organized, and still feels like they have time to have a life. I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately. I tend to fall into the “easily overwhelmed” category, and I have been working to change it. I have been focusing on the one major change I want to make, and it is pretty “simple”.

I want to have less stuff. At this point, having more space is not an option, so it has to be less stuff. We live in a cozy tiny 2 bedroom apartment. We are lucky to have a lot of closet space, but it is overflowing. Pending donations, old wedding decorations, a guitar amp, and beer making supplies sit in the corners of our bedrooms. I called this post “living” in your space- as opposed to simply occupying it. Our current apartment is a home/office/storage unit. I want it to feel like home, some office, and storage in the closets only. I want our space to feel CLEAN, and it will never feel clean to me with junk laying around.

So where to begin!? I have been trying to tackle this gradually, without overdoing it. Because, remember, this kind of responsibility, cleaning, housework, etc. is pretty overwhelming to me. I have been taking it one room at a time. Last month, I cleaned out the bathroom (and by extension, part of the hall closet. I threw away BAGS of old, unwanted, or expired cosmetics accumulating (and junking up!) the shelves. Last week I attacked the desk/office space. I feel good about progress, but still have a long way to go. I considered setting weekly goals, but I’m afraid they’ll overwhelm me, and I’ll only be disappointed if I can’t accomplish them. I’m just being honest here.

I’m going to start small this weekend, and work on my dresser. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll move to the areas surrounding my dresser (goodwill drop off zones!). I have high hopes of getting to the closets SOON, but I don’t expect to get there this weekend. I plan to organize, but mostly, ELIMINATE. I’ll donate what I can, and what I can’t donate I’ll either repurpose (into rags) or trash. Wish me luck, and look forward to seeing lots of pictures of JUNK going into the TRASH!!

Are you organized, or easily overwhelmed by the thought?

Join me! What will you organize this weekend?

Throwback Thursday- Race Recap

Let’s take it back. WAY BACK. This afternoon we talked more about my journey to running (check out part 1 and part 2). So, now, it’s time for a OLD SCHOOL recap of my FIRST EVER half marathon.

I tend to make big decisions over the Christmas holiday. Free time? Bored at home? Itching for a new start? Who knows. For some reason, I decided I wanted to run the Nashville County Music Half Marathon in April of 2008 after seeing the race advertised in Runners World. By some stroke of luck, my boyfriend (now husband!) agreed to train with me. We weren’t in great shape, and I had never run over 3.5 miles, so it was time to get to work. I googled “half marathon training”, discovered Hal Higdon, and was in business.

I’ll always remember the first time we ran 5 miles. It was probably 30 degrees, and we ran from Brandon’s apartment in Athens 2.5 miles down Millege to 5 points, and back. His apartment had no heat, and we froze after. But it felt SO GOOD- I felt like I had done something most people couldn’t do, and it felt like such an accomplishment.

We trained hard, and well. (One of the benefits of running in college; you’re often free for a 10 mile run at 2 PM) As each week went on, we added another mile to our long runs. We ran at the intramural fields, around campus, at the State Botanical Gardens- we were spoiled and loving it. We had beautiful trails to train on, and we were quickly both in the best shape of our lives.

Disposable camera days.

Disposable camera days.

Nashville was not an easy race. It was pouring when we got to the starting line 2 hours before the race began. We were amateurs, and were unprepared for the weather. I felt ridiculous when we were standing there soaking wet, and everybody else was wearing a trash bag. We trained on trails, and running on asphalt gave me an aching back (and feet!) for days. Brandon really had to push me through- he really hung back to keep me going. I finished in 2:08, and boy did it feel good.

Old School race recaps


Throwback diary entries?

I have years of this stuff.

LET’S RUN! Part 2

If you missed Part 1, catch up here!!

After running my first 5k with dad, I signed up for a local race in Athens only a few weeks later.

My next race was on campus. I have no recollection of training, or even running again before it. Racing in Athens was MUCH harder than the run with my dad. I was not only alone, but I was getting beat my 100s of my peers. After this race, I got more motivated to run most days. I started with a 2 mile loop, and one rainy day I stretched my loop for 3 miles and never looked back. My loop around campus was hilly, and I loved it. Eventually, I mixed it up and found another loop. Running just kept getting better.

I quickly realized that Athens was a small town, and to place in my age group all I had to do was run races NOT on campus, but just outside of town. I sometimes ran over 2 races a month, but always 5ks. I would run for 30 minutes every day, and race in 26ish. But then, junior year, I got this boyfriend.

Boys take up a lot of time. Somehow, I started sleeping in and going out to dinner instead of running. I spent a few weeks, and then months out of my routine, and felt lost. I couldn’t figure out how to get back. Then, Christmas night 2007, I was reading a copy of Runner’s World. I always felt it somewhat hard to relate to this magazine- why (and HOW) do these people run more than 3 miles!? I stumbled upon the race ad’s in the back. And SOMEHOW, for SOME REASON, I decided I wanted to run the Nashville County Music Half Marathon (recap coming soon!) in April of 2008. By some stroke of luck, my boyfriend agreed to train with me. We found a plan online, and stuck to it. I’ve never trained harder, and I felt so accomplished after the race.

After Nashville, we headed back to Athens where we graduated from college less than a month later. 12 days later, I had moved into my new apartment in Savannah and began Physical Therapy school. Life got in the way that summer. When I did head out for a run, I realized how spoiled I was by Athens. It was hot in Savannah, I missed my training partner, and couldn’t find a good spot to run.

I was full of excuses (and honestly really busy) in Savannah. I ran 5ks, and even a 10k bridge run, but no big races. Then my roommate, who at the time didn’t consider herself a runner, signed up for a half marathon. Several of my other classmates trained. I got a little jealous, but didn’t put in the time. I actually signed up for the half, but had to downgrade to the 5k. I finished 3rd in my age group, but it was not 13.1 miles. That was the last straw.

I ran more half-marathons. A lot more half-marathons. (I have now done 9!)

And just like that, it was time for my next race!! 8 weeks later I ran the ING Atlanta Half Marathon (now called the Publix).

Back in Savannah, I managed to keep running after this race. Casually, and only when I had time, but I kept moving. My next year consisted of a few 5ks. I moved to Atlanta for clinical rotations, and before I knew it spring was rolling around again, and my sister was anxious to run Publix with me.

After PubIix, I knew I was ready to break 2 hrs. And I already had a race in mind. I ran the Savannah Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Nov 2011, and set my PR- 1:57:30. Since then, I have run Savannah and Publix every year. I PRed in Savannah last fall (2013) with a time of 1:54:13. I broke my Publix streak by going to the bachelorette part last weekend, but I’ll be back in Savannah next fall!

My current running goals are to improve my 5k and 10k times, enjoy half marathons, and maybe race some distances in between. (10 miler? 15k?)

Old race recaps coming soon!

And more races to come:

Peachtree Road Race 2014
Savannah Half Marathon 2014

I actually woke up with my alarm today!

2 days in a row with no exercise- not even a walk- was really getting to me. So when my alarm went off at 5:45 this morning, I obeyed! It took longer to get out if the house than expected, and we actually didn’t get to the gym until almost 6:30. I figured I had about 30 minutes, so I headed straight for the treadmill.


Mile 1: 8:35
Mile 2: 7:59
Mile 3: 8:20

I walked for a few minutes between each mile. I simply can not handle running on the treadmill anymore, so these mental breaks were needed. With a cool-down, my total was 3.5 miles in 33 minutes.

Not bad for before an exhausting day work!

It’s time for dinner prep (burrito bowls) and laundry.

And then what?


Only time will tell!

Happy hump day!