One size fits all

This is my method for managing my one size fits all reflective vest. It actually works really well and keeps the neckline from riding up and flipping around.


Also regarding this picture, I was remarkable underdressed for my run last night. I don’t know what happened to our nice spring weather, but it was in the low 30s by the time I was done running. My thin shirt and capris weren’t cutting it, and I was really missing my gloves! One of the (many) downsides to running less is that I always forget to charge my Garmin. It died on my run Monday, so I decided to carry my phone last night. MISTAKE! I had no pockets, so my hands were numb from carry my phone by the time the run was over. Icing on the cake? My phone seriously died while I was running.
As many complaints as I have about last nights run, it was so proud of me and the hubby. It was just over 3 miles, but getting out there, not being sick, and no snow day sure does feel good!!!

I’ve also been keeping up with my little strength workout. It’s not much, but it feels so good to be consistent.

Tuesday: 100 crunches/ 50 push ups/ 30 squats/ 30 dips

Wednesday: 100 crunches/ 60 push ups/ 30 squats/ 20 dips

I’ve been avoiding squats like the plague because they always make my hips so sore… But that’s probably WHY I should be focusing on them! Maybe today is the day!!

I’m SO excited to get to spend time with family tonight. We are headed up to my grandmothers for dinner with my cousin, his wife, and their baby. They are in town from Seattle and we haven’t seen them in a year- the baby probably isn’t so much of a baby anymore! My grandmother lives in town, but it’s embarrassing how rarely we see her. It can be so hard to get around the ‘burbs on weekdays, and we are all so busy on weekends!!

How often do you see your family?


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