Things you have time for when you aren’t binge-watching How I Met Your Mother


My husband was working on finishing a big project, so I had some extra time to myself tonight.

First, I worked late.

We ran 3 miles when I got home. It felt awesome. I was so worried that it would be miserable, or hard to get back out there. But it felt so good. Like, I want some more, a lot more miles, soon, good. So I’ll be back.

100 crunches/50 push ups/ 30 squats/ 30 dips

I made home-made seitan for dinner (and mashed potatoes and roasted brussels)

I helped husband proof read said project, and felt like I was in college.

I washed/dried/folded and put away 2 loads of laundry (my arch nemesis).

I cleaned the kitchen like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. Counters, floors, the works.

I paid the bills, and even wrote a TWO thank you notes.

I had time for little-old-blog.

And actually STILL watched 2 episodes of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. We’re so obsessed with this show right now. We occasionally refer to watching this show as “hanging out with our friends”. This is my life. We just started season 8. No spoilers OR ELSE.


But this post has a point. I used to be very easily overwhelmed about the frustration of everyday tasks. I’ve been on a mission to “take back the weeknight”. I would be upset that I had to go grocery shopping, that we were out of shampoo, or that I was behind on the laundry. My husband has had a lot more time to help with domestic tasks lately, which has helped me feel less burdened by the monotony of chores, and has helped me realize that IT’S NOT SO BAD. We spend a LOT of downtime on weeknights that should be taken advantage of. I get home by 5 most days, and don’t go to sleep until after 10. So that’s 20ish hours a week that I have a choice, stress about “what’s for dinner, do I have clean scrubs, I have to exercise”, or enjoy time with my husband, enjoy the outdoors, get productive things done around the house in small doses, and RELAX. Look at everything that I did today! I got to run, cook a great meal, I felt productive, I’m way ahead on things that need to get done this week, and it felt good! I need to continue remember to may time for satisfying things that I enjoy (cooking exciting foods, running, writing notes and blogging!) in between floors, sorting, folding, and writing checks.

Preaching to the choir, I know.

Did anyone else have an unusually good Monday? 


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