Week in Workouts

Monday: Almost always a rest day; weekends are exhausting.

Tuesday: SNOW DAY! Long walk. 5 x 20 crunches/ 5 x 10 push-ups

Wednesday: Snow day take 2- another long walk!

Thursday: Long snow walk and living room workout. 5 x 20 crunches/ 6 x 10 push-ups/ 3 x 10 squats/ 3 x 10 lunges/ 2 x 10 dips

Friday: 5k with Brandon over patches of ice. No concept of pace, my Garmin battery was dead. (it had gone unused for SO long!)

Saturday: 3 miler in the neighborhood. 25: with splits 8:45, 8:34, 7:54.

Sunday: 3 mile walk on the beltline. It was in the 60s- a beautiful, sunny day. It’s so hard to believe snow crippled this city 5 days ago! 6 x 10 and 2 x 20 push-ups / 3 x 10 dips/ 2 x 10 squats/ 2 x 10 lunges. Way more upper body that I usually do, I will probably feel this tomorrow! 20 push-ups in a row! Twice?! I’m getting stronger, and it feels good!!

Weekly totals: 6 miles/ 200 crunches/ 210 pushups/ 50
dips/ 50 squats/ 50 lunges. Hopefully, next week we will be a little more consistent with running and FINALLY start increasing our milage again! I’m a little disappointed in my weekly total… It sounds more like 1 tough day in the gym. Oh well, it can only get better!


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