Twice in a row


Somehow, against all odds, I went for a run after work yesterday. After working for 6 days straight, through the snowstorm, and after running on Friday, I somehow ran 3 more miles yesterday.

It took a bit of encouragement. Brandon ran while I was at work which got my competitive spirit going. But when I got home, my heart was saying yes but my body was saying no. I forced myself into my clothes (half the battle!) and he promised me a glass of wine when I got home. I didn’t go a step over 3 miles, but I’m so glad I did it!

To celebrate surviving the week, and a friends birthday, we went out with friends last night and stayed out later than I have in years! It felt fun to pretend we were in college, and I met some fun new friends. An epic night called for an epic brunch today- recipe for whole wheat strawberry coconut pancakes coming soon!!

Have you had a good weekend? How do you stay motivated to exercise when life wears you out?


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