One size fits all

This is my method for managing my one size fits all reflective vest. It actually works really well and keeps the neckline from riding up and flipping around.


Also regarding this picture, I was remarkable underdressed for my run last night. I don’t know what happened to our nice spring weather, but it was in the low 30s by the time I was done running. My thin shirt and capris weren’t cutting it, and I was really missing my gloves! One of the (many) downsides to running less is that I always forget to charge my Garmin. It died on my run Monday, so I decided to carry my phone last night. MISTAKE! I had no pockets, so my hands were numb from carry my phone by the time the run was over. Icing on the cake? My phone seriously died while I was running.
As many complaints as I have about last nights run, it was so proud of me and the hubby. It was just over 3 miles, but getting out there, not being sick, and no snow day sure does feel good!!!

I’ve also been keeping up with my little strength workout. It’s not much, but it feels so good to be consistent.

Tuesday: 100 crunches/ 50 push ups/ 30 squats/ 30 dips

Wednesday: 100 crunches/ 60 push ups/ 30 squats/ 20 dips

I’ve been avoiding squats like the plague because they always make my hips so sore… But that’s probably WHY I should be focusing on them! Maybe today is the day!!

I’m SO excited to get to spend time with family tonight. We are headed up to my grandmothers for dinner with my cousin, his wife, and their baby. They are in town from Seattle and we haven’t seen them in a year- the baby probably isn’t so much of a baby anymore! My grandmother lives in town, but it’s embarrassing how rarely we see her. It can be so hard to get around the ‘burbs on weekdays, and we are all so busy on weekends!!

How often do you see your family?


Things you have time for when you aren’t binge-watching How I Met Your Mother


My husband was working on finishing a big project, so I had some extra time to myself tonight.

First, I worked late.

We ran 3 miles when I got home. It felt awesome. I was so worried that it would be miserable, or hard to get back out there. But it felt so good. Like, I want some more, a lot more miles, soon, good. So I’ll be back.

100 crunches/50 push ups/ 30 squats/ 30 dips

I made home-made seitan for dinner (and mashed potatoes and roasted brussels)

I helped husband proof read said project, and felt like I was in college.

I washed/dried/folded and put away 2 loads of laundry (my arch nemesis).

I cleaned the kitchen like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. Counters, floors, the works.

I paid the bills, and even wrote a TWO thank you notes.

I had time for little-old-blog.

And actually STILL watched 2 episodes of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. We’re so obsessed with this show right now. We occasionally refer to watching this show as “hanging out with our friends”. This is my life. We just started season 8. No spoilers OR ELSE.


But this post has a point. I used to be very easily overwhelmed about the frustration of everyday tasks. I’ve been on a mission to “take back the weeknight”. I would be upset that I had to go grocery shopping, that we were out of shampoo, or that I was behind on the laundry. My husband has had a lot more time to help with domestic tasks lately, which has helped me feel less burdened by the monotony of chores, and has helped me realize that IT’S NOT SO BAD. We spend a LOT of downtime on weeknights that should be taken advantage of. I get home by 5 most days, and don’t go to sleep until after 10. So that’s 20ish hours a week that I have a choice, stress about “what’s for dinner, do I have clean scrubs, I have to exercise”, or enjoy time with my husband, enjoy the outdoors, get productive things done around the house in small doses, and RELAX. Look at everything that I did today! I got to run, cook a great meal, I felt productive, I’m way ahead on things that need to get done this week, and it felt good! I need to continue remember to may time for satisfying things that I enjoy (cooking exciting foods, running, writing notes and blogging!) in between floors, sorting, folding, and writing checks.

Preaching to the choir, I know.

Did anyone else have an unusually good Monday? 

Week of sick days/attempted work outs!

Monday: SICK

Tuesday: SICK

Wednesday: SICK

Thursday: Attempt at recovery. My husband and I played frisbee in the park for about 30 minutes, and went for a ~3 mile walk. 60 crunches/ 50 push-ups/ 30 squats/ 30 lunges/ 20 dips

Friday: Back to the YMCA! 1 mile on the treadmill (8:30)/ 25 minutes on the spin bike.

Saturday: No exercise. We drove from Atlanta- Savannah and co-hosted a wedding shower. But, we had a blast!

Sunday: More frisbee + 2 mile walk.

After a sick week, I am SO EXCITED to get back out there this week. I’m starting small with my goals, but I’ve gotta get motivated. My goal for this week is to run out side (at least twice), and go to the YMCA (at least once).

Let’s get motivated!

Where have you been?

Where in the world have I been?!

I have been so sick!! A lot has happened, and I plan to trying to play catch up a little later this week. Here is what you have missed!!!

We got hit by snow AGAIN in Atlanta last week. I was still feeling the effects of a cold from a week before, but made it into work everyday.

I celebrated my birthday last Friday with a day off (finally!) Brandon and I went to Birmingham for a weekend getaway, and had a pretty good adventure despite being sick. We found that it was a marathon weekend after we got into town, and I texted my mom saying, “My legs are so lucky that I have a cold, or they would be running a half tomorrow!” Man, I wish I had, but I’m so glad I didn’t, you know?

Anyway, we’re back in Atlanta now.
I was dumb enough to go to work on Monday, despite feeling worse. I finally wised up and went to the doctor yesterday- sinus infection. I started my
Zpack and I feel like a new person!!

There is nothing to report as far as working out. I have hardly made it off the couch. I’m hoping I’ll be back I reality this weekend!!

Have you been sick this winter?

Week in Workouts

Monday: Rest day. Always.
Tuesday: 15 minutes on spin bike (3 miles)
3 x 10 Squats/ 3 x 10 lunges/ 2 x 15, 6 x 10 Push-ups/ 2 x 25, 2 x 15, 2 x 10 Crunches/ 3 x 10 Dips
1 mile on treadmill: 8:15 pace
Wednesday: Rest. I think I did some crunches and push ups but can’t remember!
Thursday: Bike x 20 minutes (4.5 miles), elliptical x 10 min, 1 mile on treadmill: 8:20. 4 x 20 crunches/ 4 x 15 push-ups/ 3 x 10 dips
Friday: I somehow let a friend talk me into going to the gym even though I thought I was getting sick. Spin bike x 20 minutes (3.5 miles), elliptical x 30 minutes, serious conversation in parking lot x 20 minutes.
Saturday: Sick day. We did walk about 3 miles, but I got right back in my PJs after.
Sunday: Sick day take two.

Totals: Bike x 11 miles/ Run x 2 miles/ elliptical x 40 min/ 180 crunches/ 150 pushups/ 60 dips/ 30 squats/ 30 lunges

Too sleepy and gross feeling. I didn’t get in any extra miles this week, but bumped up my time on the bike and felt much stronger.

Quick Y workout


15 minutes on spin bike (3 miles)
3 x 10 Squats/ 3 x 10 lunges/ 2 x 15, 6 x 10 Push-ups/ 2 x 25, 2 x 15, 2 x 10 Crunches/ 3 x 10 Dips
1 mile on treadmill: 8:15 pace

And we’re off to try a new trivia spot in the neighborhood!!

What’s your favorite trivia team name?

Whole Wheat Vegan Strawberry Coconut Pancakes

It’s not Sunday morning without pancakes! Here’s my new favorite recipe:

Whole wheat vegan strawberry coconut pancakes AKA Daiquiri’s for breakfast

Makes 8 perfectly sized pancakes. 
1 very ripe banana
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 1/4 cups almond milk
1 1/2 teaspoons maple syrup
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
pinch allspice
Earth balance for the pan
~3/4 cup frozen strawberries, diced


Mash banana with a fork in the bottom of a large mixing bowl. Add coconut oil and use fork to work out the clumps. Add milk, maple syrup, vinegar, vanilla and mix well.
In the center, add flour, baking powder, and spices. Mix together gently, then combine with wet ingredients. Break up all clumps but don’t overmix.
Heat pan, add earth balance. Scoop 1/4 cup of batter onto pan per pancake. Add strawberry pieces and push gently down into batter with your finger.


Cook pancakes ~3 minutes per side, and serve with lots of syrup.


No need for eggs; these pancakes are SO fluffy. The coconut oil gives them a great flavor and keeps the outside nice a crispy. The strawberries were fun, but I think I would enjoy this recipe just as much with blueberries. I’m not a big chocolate for breakfast person, but chocolate chips in these pancakes could be life changing.


Hint: Add extra earth balance to your pan between batches. When I was a kid, I preferred the first batch of pancakes because they were the most “buttery”. Now I realized every batch can taste like the first batch! This is also how I recently started a small kitchen fire; make sure the “butter” stays in the pan and doesn’t drip onto the hot burner.