Snow day take 3 and monthiversary

Yesterday, for the second day in a row, I walked to a main road where I caught a ride to the hospital from a friend. We drove into work over sheets of ice. When we made it into work, we were met with nurses who had not been home since Monday night. I was so proud and impressed by the dedication of the hospital staff. Managers were transporting patients and taking out trash. Nurses and technicians were separated from their families, sleeping on cots, and eating nothing but hospital food. I’m so happy to work with such an enthusiastic bunch. The snow melted enough in the early afternoon that we were actually able to send most of our patients (who were ready to discharge on Wednesday!) home safely. My husband came to pick me home and thankfully, we had another uneventful drive home.

So, we decided we were ready to finally work out yesterday. The sidewalks were still way to icy in our neighborhood to run, so unfortunately that was still our if the question. Our YMCA was still closed. Brandon and I decided to go for another long snow walk, and do a workout in our living room. Our neighborhood has a lot of trees, so it was still beautiful and snowy. We got home and changed from our snow boots into workout clothes, and got to work:

5×20 Crunches
6×10 Push-ups
3×10 Squats
2×10 Dips
3×10 Lunges

It didn’t take to long, but I can feel it in my hips today!!

Yesterday was our “monthiversary”. Since Brandon and I got married (June 30, 2012) we have been going out for Mexican good on the 30th of every month. We went to Mexico for our honeymoon, and keeping up with date night has been a great tradition! I highly recommend this tradition (or any regularly scheduled date night) to any couple!

Trivia is also one of our favorite traditions, and last night we were able to combine the two. We went to ranging burrito where i got to enjoy my beloved “Thai Salad” (yes, at a Mexican place!). It’s romaine loaded with carrots, red peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, and tofu topped with their peanut sauce. I always add black beans.


It’s enough for two meals, and SO GOOD!! We had no chance at trivia with just the two of us, but still had a blast!

Can I get a TGIF?!


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