My car is literally frozen to the ground. I was so amazed seeing the frozen spray on wheel wells in Michigan last weekend, and now my car has them!


I safely made it to and from work today. A coworker/neighbors husband drove us in his 4 wheel drive truck. He will be picking me up again tomorrow, although I’m afraid the roads are actually going to be worse because of the short melt we had this afternoon- it’s all ice now!! I’m so happy to be able to make it into work to take care of my patients, and so appreciative of all the nurses who haven’t been home since Tuesday morning. But seriously… I would love a snow day too.

I learned a few more snow lessons today. Always have a bottle of wine on hand for emergencies, and tie your snow boots well before you leave the warm indoors. (so you don’t have to take off your gloves to tie them!)

That’s all for now, all this snow related anxiety has me exhausted. Stay safe out there, Atlanta, and all you other southern cities with poor planning and lack of infrastructure!


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