Snowstorm 2014


This is a big deal around here, guys. It’s been coming down for about an hour and its sticking to everything! Schools are canceled, the grocery stores are out of milk and bread, and the nurses are preparing to spend the night. Those of us in the hospital are probably the only ones still working. It’s really comical compared to my experience this weekend in Michigan. I did feel a bit more justified in how “terrible” us southerners thought the roads were when I learned University of Michigan canceled classes for the first time since 1970! Realistically, it’s dangerous to drive down here in Georgia even with minimal accumulation since there is no ice or sand for the roads, and certainly no snow plows!!

Here’s to hoping we can get done a little early his afternoon, make it home safely, and have time to play in the snow!! Stay safe out there!

Is it snowing where you live?


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