Some moments last forever, but some flare out with love, love, love

This week, our priorities were around our family. We stated the week in the worst way; in the hospital with family. Wednesday and Thursday we prepared to host my parents for Thursday night, which was wonderful. They stayed overnight to be closer to the airport so that we could all leave for Detroit together early Friday morning. And this weekend we celebrated, and mourned, the untimely loss of one of our most precious and cherished family members. We spend the weekend laughing, crying, dancing and singing. It was so real and so hard, but I seriously love my family and I am so grateful that so many of us could be together for this occasion. But on a less serious note, Michigan was SO. COLD. Being a Georgia girl, I had never seen anything like it. It was in the single digits and snowing most of the weekend. The snow was fun and idyllic from INSIDE, but miserable outside. My family lives in a rural area ~2 hour from Detroit, so we had to drive to catch our flight this morning. It took almost 4 hours due to horrible road conditions. Cars in the ditch, slipping and sliding… it was an adventure at best.

So thankful to be home.


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