Week in Workouts

Monday: “Rest” AKA hang out in ER all night with mother in law

Tuesday: 30ish minutes on the elliptical/100 crunches/ 50 push-ups/ 30 squats/ 10 dips with a friend

Wednesday: 20 minutes on the bike (“variety” with intense hills!)/1 mile run (7:20)/ 100 crunches/ 50 push-ups/ elliptical x 15 minutes

Thursday: Does cleaning my apartment count as a workout? Seriously though.

Friday: Travel day. The closest I got to a workout was a long walk in the Detroit airport.

Saturday: 1.5 treadmill run (8:15 pace)/ 100 crunches/ 50 push-ups/ 40 squats/ 30 lunges/ 20 russian hamstrings/ 20 dips/ and 15 minutes on the elliptical. I really wanted to do more cardio or play in the hot tub but I ran out of time. Better than nothing!

Sunday: Travel day. Long airport walks/ 100 crunches/ 50 push-ups

I started this week super motivated to train for something. I was ready to RUN long distances again, and although I “worked out” 3 times, I only ran 1.5 miles. This is crazy to me! I want to run. In other news, I did 400 crunches and 200 push-ups, so at least I’m getting stronger. This week, our priorities were around out family. More on that tomorrow though; so exhausted tonight from a wonderful, emotional weekend.


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