Catch up

I initially got off to a strong start on this blog, but where did I go?!

I have a list of excuses (busy with work…) but rather than complaining, I would rather just jump right back into it. What have I been up to this week- lets catch up on workouts!!

Week in Workouts
Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: 3 miler with hubby, 27ish minutes. We both were exhausted and couldn’t push it at all, plus my Garmin wouldn’t located satellites- no motivation!! 100 crunches, 50 push-ups.
Wednesday: Mental workout at trivia!
Thursday: 3.17, 26:45.
Friday: We walked to/from happy hour (about a mile from home) for the PERFECT Friday “workout!”
Saturday: Climbed Stone Mountain
Sunday: Similar to Friday, we picked a brunch spot 2 miles away for a long walk. 45 minutes of frisbee in the afternoon, topped off with 100 crunches and 50 push-ups.

This week felt like an off week as far as running goes. I struggle to motivate myself to run (particularly longer distances) without a goal in mind. My husband was ready for our next race too. I have a late March half in mind- but I’m going to sign up before we make it official. I’m also contemplating a sprint tri this spring to keep things interesting! We’ll see how it goes getting back into training for running!!

Do you have trouble staying motivated without a race on the calendar?


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