One day weekend

Working on a Saturday always requires that you make the most of your Sunday, so that’s what we did!
Brandon and I started the day with delicious vegan omelets and breakfast potatoes. Recipe to come! I couldn’t believe how well they turned out, so I had two. And then I had another one later for a snack.

We are “those people” who hand on to their Christmas tree’s until the last possible second, so we finally got rid of that today. Without our tree, our living room had enough space to set up our big Christmas gift- a new TV! We actually don’t have cable, so we needed to be able to use this bad boy to watch Netflix. We went out and bought google chromecast, which so far seems to work really well. It took about 5 minutes to set up, and we were able to watch “How I met your mother” on 40 inches instead of on my tiny MacBook. This also means that my computer is now free to internet browsing while we are watching TV- perfect for my short attention span!

No run today. We decided antique shopping for a new TV stand and dinner/drinks with a friend was more important. I guess I’ll have to brave the cold tomorrow.

In case you haven’t heard, we are supposed to have RECORD LOWs here in Georgia this week. It’s 40ish outside right now, so it seems ridiculous to say. But after some early morning flurries/black ice, we’re expected to drop into the teens tomorrow night and single digits by Tuesday morning. In honor of it being RIDICULOUSLY COLD outside, some running friends from my neighborhood are going for a 7 degree 630 AM run Tuesday, and Brandon and I are planning to join. So, I guess I have to answer my own question- how do you run in the cold??

Ski mask? Two pairs of socks?
Did you brave the weather somewhere colder than GA today for a freezing run?


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