Happy New Blog!

Here goes nothing!

I’ve considered starting a blog for years, but have procrastinated for about a million reasons. One of those reasons almost stopped me tonight, but a blog with no pictures is better than no blog at all, right? (really, I’m not sure)

For better or for worse, here I am. To blog run by run, day by day, the good bad and the ugly, the nitty gritty details, and everything in between.

Let’s start with new years eve, shall we?

My husband and I started our day with no plans. I was honestly dissapointed that we weren’t going out of town (we were hoping for a getaway, but things fell apart). We ran a chilly 3 miles to end the year strong. And lucky for us, we got offered last minute, free, 50 yard line tickets to the chic-fil-a bowl. We spent our evening hanging out with a good friend, cheering for whichever team was more exciting, and high five-ing the over enthusiastic 10 year old Duke fan sitting next to us. Unfortunately (or not?!) we ended up getting back onto the Marta train around 11:50 PM. Midnight on the train?!

So, at 11:59:00, I yelled out, “One minute, you guys!” to our 30ish companions on the train. My husband was a good sport, but our friend was embarrassed. 11:59:30, “30 seconds, people!”, and then all eyes were on us! I’m sure I made another silly comment before the countdown, I was just so excited that everyone was enthusiastic like me!! I only had to yell out “Ten, nine..” before everyone started counting doen. We all hooted and hollered, kissed and high-fived to ring in 2014 together, on the eastbound train.

Life is what you make it.


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