Weekend in Savannah + week in workouts

Happy Sunday!

We had wonderful weekend in Savannah with friends! We headed down on Friday afternoon with a friend from Atlanta. The plan was for me to be her date to a wedding Saturday night, and we would stay with Savannah friends. Everything worked out perfectly. I only wish I had more pictures!!

We relaxed and stayed up late chatting on Friday night. The weather was perfect Saturday. After a relaxing morning, we headed out for a group run. Our host (my roommate from PT school and old running buddy), her golden, my husband, and my wedding date!! We were quite the crew. It’s always so nice to run in savannah (flat!!!), and the weather was perfect.
After we freshened up, we headed to Tybee Island for the day. Perfect beach weather. We relaxed in the sun for hours without sweating or getting burned! It was just a little to chilly to get in the water.
I wish I had pictures of our night out! We got all fancy for the an evening Savannah wedding. Even though I hardly knew the bride, and knew nobody else, it was fun to be a “plus one”. The wedding was beautiful, and the couple was so happy!!
We wrapped things up this morning with brunch at the sentient bean- a great vegetarian coffee shop and restaurant near Forsyth Park. I had a delicious tofu scramble. YUM!
We enjoyed a nice walk in the park before we got back on the road.

Now let’s get down to business- workouts!!

Monday: 3 miler in 25:30
Tuesday: 15 mile bike, 50 minutes + Neighborhood walk.
Wednesday: 1.66 mile run in 14:30 (thanks, rain!)
Thursday: 1000 yard swim
Friday: Travel day! Literally no exercise.
Saturday: 3 mile run with a group + planks (2 x 30 basic, 2 x 20 each side, 2 x 20 single leg bridge)
Sunday: Another travel day. We probably walked a total of 2 miles- around the park before we left savannah and then around the neighborhood when we made it home.

I had a pretty good workouts this week!! I’m proud of myself for being consistent. I’m happy I got to the pool, run 3 times, and bike. Goals for this week: keep mixing if up, hopefully get back into some more strengthening, and run longer distances.

And, random, but…It’s time for a new iPhone, huh??
I can’t update because I need more memory. I can’t put things on my computer because it’s so old that I can’t even open iTunes. I just need a complete technology overhaul!!

how was your weekend?!

Full of weddings? Or any races?!


I finally did it!

I’ve been trying to talk myself into swimming again for what seems like months now. Last night, I was feeling pretty committed after a disappointing run and all my tri talk this week. So I prepared, and I completely contribute my success to my planning. I packed my gym back, set it right next to my bag with my swimsuit out. I set up my work clothes in the bathroom. Had my lunch packed and ready to go. Of course I stayed up to late, but I was still getting almost 7 hours. I had no excuses. I set my alarms and called it a night.

I’m so thankful I got up with my alarms this morning- props to the husband. If he hadn’t already been up, I might not have gotten out of bed. But I did, and I’m so glad. I washed the sleep out of my eyes, chugged some water, and ate a banana on the way to the gym. I feel like I wasn’t even fully awake until I was in the water.

side note- I always feel so awkward putting on a swim cap. Will it ever get better?!

I swam 1000 yards in about 30 minutes. I love to break up the time when swimming!
200 yard warm up, with 2 sets of 25 yards with only left breathing. (I prefer to breath right- I always have to warm up my ability to breath on both sides! After this warm up, I was breathing on both sides the rest of my workout)
25 yards legs, 75 yards freestyle
25 yards arms, 75 yards freestyle
100 yards freestyle
25 yard sprint, 25 yards freestyle
25 yard sprint, 25 yards freestyle
25 yards arms, 25 yards freestyle
25 yards legs , 25 yards freestyle
200 yards without stopping, touching the wall or ground (awkward little turns in the water)
50 yard free style
50 yard backstroke cool down

I did the bit without touching to see what it would feel like in open water. It was easy, but I wasn’t going fast. I would have loved to stay in the water longer, but I guess I would need to wake up earlier to make time! I will definitely be back in the pool soon. I had a great workout, and it’s nice to go into evening knowing that I’ve already checked my workout off my todo list. I’m also feeling better and better about this potential tri. Does it mean I’m going to sign up?! No. I’m going to see if I can keep up with this for another week or so- then ill decide if I want to invest in the gear. So… To be continued!

It’s finally Thursday. I few fun pics from today-

I saw a fortune cookie in the break room today. Before 9am. So I ate it. What does this mean?! Practice what you preach??

I made a bit of a mess at lunch. Seriously, my strawberries were delicious, but they had some bad spots. Don’t judge.

Like I said yesterday, this week has been dragging by!! But we’re getting closer and closer to beach time this weekend. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!! Speaking of which… I need to pack.

how long do you swim when you work out?<30 minutes didn’t feel like enough…
have a great day!!

A few more thoughts about biking + hump day and a rainy run

It’s strange to say, but my silly bike ride yesterday felt almost…. Serendipitous. so many things happened that made it feel like the universe was telling me to do the tri, or at least take up biking.

#1- I was actually motivated to go the gym. I was excited all day about biking.
#2- When I pulled into my apartment from work, my neighbor was unloading a new bike from his car. I asked him about his new wheels, and he commented on hoping to get rid of his “spare tire”.
#3- I actually felt strong on the bike. This seems like a silly thing to be surprised about, but I’ve rides 15 miles only once before!
#4- As I was leaving the gym, the girl at the desk commented on shirt (from a half marathon). She said “cool shirt. It would be better if it was a tri, and said something about swimming”. WHAT?! This girl can see my thoughts.
#5- When I got home, our neighbor (with his new bike) was rising around in circles, looking as happy as he could be, with some other kids from the apartment.

What’s this trying to tell me!!?? Buy a bike? Ride outside? Do the triathlon?! Anyway, it felt like too many weird coincidences in a short period of time… Stars aligned!

Im other news, I have seriously been a day behind all week. It’s Wednesday? I was so off at work today too. I need to get focused!! It’s only a 5 day week, and I have a rewarding beach getaway planned to recharge this weekend!!

Exciting afternoon- I headed straight from work to the grocery store.

Only the essentials!

The husband called when I was heading home from the grocery store, and asked if we could run when he got home. Um, yes! Always! But then he called back moments later- storm coming your way, hurry up and run alone if you want to. OKAY! I snapped into action and was out the door less than 5 minutes later (if only I was always so easy to motivate!!).

But alas, my run was cut short by the weather. I didn’t even make it down the stairs before it was sprinkling, and within a mile it was unbearable. I might have pushed on, but I was worried about lighting. I headed home, and finished 1.66 miles.

Tired, but disappointed it wasn’t longer.

I sat outside for a minute under a tree to cool off. Of course Charlemagne was not amused by this.

Shortly after I came in side it started pouring and I got a alert for a severe thunderstorm warning… So it’s a good thing I cut it short, but still disappointing. It’s been raining steadily ever since!

What’s for dinner?


Top left- kale waiting to be steamed. Top right- water that forgot to boil itself for spaghetti noodles. Bottom left- marinara, waiting for everything else to be ready. Bottom right- grit tofu, in progress.

I typically pride myself on efficiency in the kitchen, achieve by order of operations. But man, tonight wasn’t one of those nights. I did everything out of wack and a simple dinner tool much longer than it should. Not to mention.. Huge mess!! Like I said… I’m just off today!!

Bedtime- it’s another day tomorrow. Closer to Friday. And, since its real if I tell the Internet, I’ll be headed to the gym to swim in the morning!! Wish me luck!

swim, bike, or run?! Pick your poison!

do you like to run in the rain?

Tri on Tuesday

I’ve been “tri”ing to see if I could succeed in training for a sprint triathlon this week.

Yesterday I ran 3 miles (pain free!) in the neighborhood with my husband. Or, almost ran the whole thing with my husband. He stopped around 2 miles to rescues a turtle. I love that man! Anyway, I was pain free but started to get a bit of glut discomfort when sprinting the final downhill. I’ll continue to take it easy, and increase my distance/speed careful, but I think I’m in the clear. My splits were 8:45 (hmm, I’m feeling okay, maybe ill speed up), 8:35 (still feeling good!! Lets cruise!) and 8:18. Yes! Maybe I’ll be ready for the peachtree after all.

Today I decided to hit the stationary bike at the gym.


I may have not mentioned this before, but I don’t actually even own a bike. I used to (it got stolen from under our patio! But it wasn’t locked up. Or worth the insurance deductible…), and I actually used to bike to/from PT school everyday when we lived in savannah. But it’s been a while (with the exception of some cruising with my parents this weekend!) and I feel like in a tri, biking would definitely be my week sport.

Today I did exactly 15 miles in 50 minutes. I have no idea what is good, or what to expect for racing. I put forth a moderate effort, my legs felt like jello afterwards, and it was awesome to get so much cardio in!! I’m hoping to squeeze in some core/arm work later.

I guess I’m due for a swim for my next workout!

Happy Tuesday!

do you bike for exercise?

have you done a tri? What’s your week sport?

week in workouts + might as well tri

We ended up going to my parents this weekend! Recap coming later today.

Monday: 2ish miles slow run with walking break + 2 mile walk
Tuesday: Long walk + frisbee
Wednesday: 2.3 miles- 8:30 pace
Thursday Short neighborhood walk + 30 crunches, 30 push-ups, 30 squats
Friday: rest
Saturday: leisurely ~5 mile bike ride with my parents
Sunday: Rest

I started the week out strong, ambitious to recover from my injury scare last week. But traveling this weekend messed up my plans! I was pretty motivated to wake up and run at my parents Saturday morning, but then we ended up lounging around with coffee and deciding to ride bikes. Priorities- sometimes family time is just more important.

Saturday night we got to chatting, and SOMEHOW spring triathlons came up. I have really wanted to do one for years, and I think this might be the summer. My parents and husband want to do a relay (my dad swims, mom bikes, and Brandon runs), and then meanwhile, I could do the whole thing! We’ll have to see if we can find a weekend that works for everybody. But just in case- I need some advice about what to wear!! And… I should probably get in the pool.

Happy Monday! Let’s have a great week!!

“Habit” forming behavior

You guys, it’s been more than21 days!!

For 23 days, to be exact, I’ve been living clutter free, and keeping my apartment clean and organized! I have no been perfect in my plan, but being perfect was never a part of the plan. I first talked about my new cleaning schedule in this priorities post.

What’s the significance of 21 days?!

It takes 21 days to make a habit! That’s what “they” say, right?! Anyway, and least I hope so. It sure does feel like a habit, and it feels so good!!

You want to be clean and organized too?!
(Wait, am I seriously giving advice about this?! I have changed!!) in fact, I’m not even sure I should be bragging about this. Is it an accomplishment, or just a transition into becoming a real adult. Either way, it feels great, and I want to share how I got here.

start with a list
Start by knowing what you want to get accomplished. What are tasks that you need performed weekly? Daily? Monthly? It’s critical to identify what is important to you. My priorities are having a clean bathroom and kitchen, so that’s the bulk of my daily list.

get organized
What supplies do you need to complete your weekly tasks? My “most used” supplies are old cloth rags and clorox green works spray cleaner. I don’t love using harsh chemicals and would LOVE to simplify my cleaner! Any suggestions? I use a simple old broom a vacuum a lot, too, but those are nothing special. You know you’re an adult when you want a new vacuum. I also love my Bona mop. Figure out what works for you. I don’t use paper towels or single use wipes, but something simple may help you get into a routine. Get your supplies organized before you start!

get started
Now! Do it today! Don’t wait until tomorrow! If you have written a list, and have your supplies, what are you waiting for? Just don’t overdo it- you’ll be back for more tomorrow!

don’t get discouraged
You are going to have days when you don’t sweep the floor. Weeks when you don’t scrub the tub. Unless Martha Stewart is going to soak in that tub, or eat off your floor, nobody is going to notice. Your best bet? Don’t let it get you down. Don’t try to make up for lost time, or you might just get overwhelmed. Enjoy your night off! Get back in your routine tomorrow!

stick to it
It’s satisfying! It’s worth it! Keep it up!

celebrate (and show off!) your progress
Have a party! Host your friends and family! Or just share you glory with complete strangers! We haven’t gotten around to hosting yet, but are hoping to soon.

This is where we are right now. I am keeping the apartment clean and organized, but I am not sticking to my list. I want to reflect and make it more attainable. So- for the next 21 days (is it weird to be so excited about this? I never thought I would get to this point…) here is my list!!

weekly schedule
daily: Wipe down bathroom, wipe down kitchen surfaces and sweep kitchen floor.
Monday: Nothing else!
Tuesday: Declutter and wipe surfaces, 1 load laundry
Wednesday: sweep all rooms
Thursday: declutter/surfaces, 1 load laundry
Friday/Saturday: Declutter whole house and clean all surfaces (kitchen), clean toilet/tub, sweep and mop all floors.
Sunday Laundry x 2, finish weekend tasks, projects.

I’ve moved to less sweeping during the week (more attainable) and bigger tasks back to the weekend. Wish me luck!!

how long do you think it takes to make a habit?

have you been doing any spring cleaning?

Midweek update + running in the heat

Problem. When you work constantly, you think Thursday is midweek. I worked 6 days last week, only had Sunday off, and I’ve been back at it all week. Can’t wait for the weekend! We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with most of our mothers.

It’s been warm this week in hotlanta. Time to get acclimatized to the heat! I also had a momentary panic on Tuesday when I heard of first “code orange” air quality alert of the season. I have asthma, and have been really bothered by Atlanta summers in the past- but so far so good this year. Yay pollution.

Anyway- it’s been warm. I’ve (luckily?) been trying to ease myself back into running after my injury scare last week. Brandon and I ran on Monday, but I started to feel discomfort (I refuse to call it pain…) around 1 mile. We walked for a few minutes, and he convinced me to to cut the run short. I did run 1 more mile (pain free!) before calling it a day. Wednesday I wanted to squeeze in a run before book club, but Brandon was working late. He texted me “go easy on yourself” so I only ran 2ish miles again. This time, however, I was totally pain free!! I picked up the pace in the final mile or so, and ran 2.3 miles at an 8:30 pace. I’m seriously craving a hard workout right now, but I know I’ll thank myself later if I take it easy right now. Both runs were 87 degrees. I seriously need a new running tank. Favorites?

Nothing else exciting is going on this week. I have been working on cleaning out my dresser… One drawer at a time.
I tackled one over the weekend, and another drawer tonight.

This is obviously a drawer of running clothes. Why must I hoard shirts from every race I do?!



And after:


Progress, guys. An updated post about staying clean and organized is coming tomorrow!

do you have any Mother’s Day plans?

any strategies to beat the heat?

Last week in workouts + weekend

We’ve been staying busy around here, obviously! There wasn’t much to report as far as workouts- see below for disappointments. We did however, have a nice weekend.



Braves game Sunday, and a chance to catch up with old friends.

We also had a fun Cinco de Mayo yesterday.


Charlemagne hanging out with an old “pin the mustache on the man” bridal shower prop. My sister was the worlds best maid of honor and hosted my cinco de mayo shower 2 years ago! We enjoyed tacos and margaritas this year after a hot run.

Speaking of Charlemagne, she has been enjoying some supervised time in the sun on the deck since its been warmer.

And- last weeks workouts. I’m only a little behind!

Monday: Morning yoga, evening 10 x 10 crunches, 10 x 10 push-ups, 10 x 10 squats
Tuesday: self directed yoga focused on abs and hips (oops) + neighborhood walk
Wednesday: This is where things fell apart. I had right sided glut/piriformis pain from steps into my run. I ran about 1.5 miles until Brandon convinced me to stop. I literally laid down on the grown, he attempted to help me stretch out, but no dice- the pain returned with any attempted running. Long walk home in disappointment.
Thursday total rest, worked with a PT coworker mainly on trigger point release, symmetry and stabilization of my pelvis. Pain free with walking!
Friday: 2 mile walk in the neighborhood.
Saturday/Sunday: rest/short walks. Trying to be 100%.

I’m trying to ease back into in slowly this week. spoiler alert:I’m running and it’s pain free. I might be overdoing it on the time off after 1 painful run, but this pain is familiar, and I don’t want to repeat last summers injuries!! Goals to help with injury reduction- don’t overdo the yoga, don’t run 2 days in a row, and DO walk and swim. I have a run planned for tomorrow.

do you enjoy a sunny run and/or margarita for cinco de mayo yesterday?


What does it mean to be happy?

Are you happy?

Are these questions silly, or important? Why all the happy talk?

Because happiness is the truth!

But it all seriousness, I like to take some time to reflect on my happiness. Not because I am unhappy
I’m actually feeling pretty satisfied in my life right now. But sometimes it’s easy to get in a rut, and I need to be reminded of all the good things in my life. I few years ago, I read the book “The Happiness Project” for book club. I enjoyed the book a lot more than I thought I would, and more than the other girls. The author reflects on the “splendid truths”, or sort of mantras, or points of reflection.

I really like the first one.

“To be happier, you have to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, in an atmosphere of growth”Gretchen Rubin

what makes me feel good? I feel good when I have completed a project. My husband, my family, and my cat make me feel good. I feel good when I look nice. I enjoy running (finishing, and doing well it). Nothing feels better than a beautiful spring day. I love the feeling I get after a great workout.

what makes me feel bad?I am frustrated by a feeling of uncertainty in our current living situation. I feel anxious about my job. Clutter irritates me. Money makes me angry, and anxious.

It feels good to reflect on these points! If I feel sad or anxious, I try to break it down to basics and remember what it is that is making me feel bad- and not forget what also makes me feel good.

what cheers you up when you’re feeling down? What makes you feel good??

Monday list update

Cleaned the whole apartment last friday morning- BOOM! I felt really productive. It took me longer than expected! 15 mins to get organized and declutter, 15 min in the kitchen, 15 min to dusk/clean mirrors/surfaces/bathroom, 15 min to sweep, 10 to mop and 10 to vacuum. So almost an hour and a half (with a apple + peanut butter break while I waited for the floors to dry!!) total. Hey, at least I did it, and it took way less time than the week before. I think it’ll get quicker as I do it more often! I felt really good going into the weekend clean and organized.
It feels so good to be living day to day with less clutter. I’m not keeping up 100% with my daily chores; I think I was too ambitious to imagine I would do any deep cleaning during the work week. I have been really consistent about minimizing clutter, cleaning/sweeping the kitchen and wiping down the bathroom almost daily. Otherwise, I might have to be fine with keeping the big stuff on the weekends (like I did Friday!)

You guys know I have even working hard on getting comfortable in our small apartment. Part of this project has included a lot of list writing. I thought you might enjoy keeping up with what I’m working on, in list form! I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Living room:
-Clean out game chest/coffee table
-Upgrade TV table to hide wires
-Organize/ minimize book shelves
-Organize/ declutter closet
Organize hall closet, make shelf for beer supplies
– clean out planters
– organize patio

-Re-organize cabinets
-Minimize things on countertops
-Clean out top shelves
-Top of fridge

-No storage in open space
-Create “landing strip” elsewhere in house (in a closet?) for goodwill stuff
-Spraypaint bed frame white?
-Declutter closets
-Clean out dresser
-Organize/minimize book shelf
-Wash curtains (whole house)

Guest bedroom/office:
Clean out filing cabinet
-Organize desk surface
-Under bed?
-Clean out closets
-Minimize old paper/notebook storage under desk/in closets
-Create usable storage in “green monster” (the nickname of our huge green armoire)
-Consider flip flopping bedrooms

I think I’ll try to update this list monthly. Hey, that’ll at least make me get something done once a month!! For now, getting in a routine with cleaning actually seems to be taking away from the time I have for projects, but I’ll get there.

Happy Monday!

did you take on any projects last weekend?